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JULY 2021

Third Time's the Charm! General Digital Hosts Long-Awaited Grand Opening Ceremony

Photo of Ribbon Cutting

This July, East Hartford Mayor Marica Leclerc stopped by to celebrate our company’s recent move back to East Hartford, our original hometown.

While we hoped to have an event like this when we moved in June ’20, the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic prohibited us from doing so. We originally scheduled the event for the end of June ’21, but a contractor knocked out power to our building while repairing a nearby line, forcing us to again reschedule.

As critical suppliers for essential industries, including defense, medical, and heavy industrial/nuclear, we remained fully operational even during the worst of the pandemic with a split of on-site production staff and a remote office staff. Thankfully, our COVID protocols (and extra 20,000 sq. ft.) helped prevent any outbreaks within our employee ranks.

This ceremony served as a celebration of moving into the new facility, successfully navigating through the pandemic with minimal impacts, and a re-opening of our facility to visitors.

Photo of East Hartford Mayor with General Digital employees

About the Move

When the lease for our previous location in South Windsor came up for renewal, we made a strategic decision to find a newer and larger building to accommodate our growing business. By staying local, we were able to retain all our employees while still being able to attract top talent from the region’s diverse manufacturing pool.

Our tenured employees appreciate that the new building is just a few miles down the road from our old one, while our customers appreciate the more modern facility. We also made a significant investment in capital equipment coinciding with the move, which has seen us optimize processes and greatly increase our production capacity since moving last year.

We look forward to continuing to serve you from our new home at 60 Prestige Park Rd in East Hartford, CT.

To schedule a visit, or to speak to someone about your engineering requirements, Contact Us or call (860) 282-2900.




General Digital Corporation Passes Annual ISO 9001:2015 Audit for its Quality Management System

Photo of General Digital employees with ISO Banner and Tactical TwoView
(Photo caption: Celebrating the passage of the annual ISO 9001:2015 audit are members of the new product development team with the soon-to-be-released Tactical TwoView™ family of displays.)

General Digital Corporation is thrilled to announce that we have achieved our first major milestone since moving to a new facility: passing our annual ISO 9001:2015 audit.

The ISO 9001:2015 QMS certificate recognizes that our Quality Management System is in conformance with the International Quality System Standard and was awarded by American Systems Registrar, an ANAB- and IATF-approved global registration services company. 

“Since our company’s inception, we’ve built our reputation on engineering strength and a dedication to quality,” noted Quality Manager Tony DeCarlo. “Passing this audit proves that despite our rapid growth, our dedication to quality remains as vigorous as ever—as it should. Our customers depend on our products to perform safety- and mission-critical tasks, and any minor malfunction could have dire consequences.” 

General Digital has maintained a commitment to quality since our founding in 1973. Our custom engineered solutions support various programs in the Defense, Medical, Aerospace, Industrial and other safety-critical industries. To speak with a sales engineer about your needs, submit this form or call 860.282.2900 today.

About ISO 9001:2015 QMS

ISO 9001:2015 QMS obtained global recognition as the leading standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS) and can be implemented by companies regardless of their size and industry. Published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the foundation of the ISO 9001:2015 QMS standard is grounded in effective quality management precepts. These precepts include increased focus on customer satisfaction, increased management, and the organization and advancement regarding the efficiency of processes. The recognition of and compliance with this certification culminates in the continuous improvement and production of products and services within an organization to exceed customer and regulatory requirements.

JULY 2020

General Digital Announces Expansion to New, Larger Facility

Like nearly all companies worldwide, General Digital was also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a member of the Defense Industrial Base, it was critical for us to find a way to safely fulfill our commitments to our customers. After transitioning all our office employees to virtual work100% of our production staff remained in place while following the CDC Community Mitigation Framework and Guidance for Businesses & EmployersThus, we continued providing essential services for our customers in the defense, medical device, aviation, and other safety-critical industries that couldn’t afford a lapse in production.  

Concurrently, our leadership saw an opportunity to grow the business through finding a new location for the company once we could all reunite safely. After weeks of planning, we moved our operations into a new and larger facility without any production interruptions. General Digital Corporation is excited to introduce you to our new home in East Hartford, Connecticut.   

“Our employees have been truly outstanding throughout this crisis,” remarked General Digital President, Bryan Gudrian. “On top of working safely every day during a health emergency, they also found a way to move facilities without missing a production beat.  Now that we’re all united under one roof again, I’m excited and confident about General Digital’s continued growth.”  

The 48,000 square foot facility increases our ability to execute larger production runs and adds more office space for Product Development and Software Services. The building features brightly lit production space with temperature and humidity control. It also features several dedicated lab spaces for software testing, class 100 and 10,000 clean rooms (with capability to expand)ESD compliant workstations, and other improvementsThe engineering and other office staff returned from remote work to find safety at the forefront of the new facility’s designThe new office location provides much greater social distance protections than our old home along with an increased ability to collaborate both in person and via video conference with our customers, as travel restrictions remain in place. 

While many states still recommend against non-essential travel, we understand that it is sometimes necessary. All potential visitors must complete this health screening questionnaire and be cleared prior to their arrival.  Please defer to state and federal guidelines when planning your visit, as conditions are subject to change. For up-to-date information regarding travel, please visit

APRIL 2020

Product Development & Software Services Presentation at the 2019 American Medical Devices Summit

Once again, General Digital PDSS Vice President Bill Stamm, presented at AMDS 2019, discussing Safety Enhancements: Distinguishing Type and Development to Meet Requirements of Safety, Functionality and Cybersecurity.

Watch his presentation below. Visit our YouTube page to watch individual segments.

Bar graph showing zero escapes for 2020

MARCH 2020

General Digital Product Development & Software Services had another year with 0 escapes!

This is a 10% sampling of our work for a customer in the military and commercial aerospace sector. This is the right way to achieve military dominance.




JULY 2019

General Digital Corporation Granted ISO 9001:2015 Certification for its Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2015 labelSouth Windsor, CT (July 2, 2019) – General Digital Corporation (General Digital) today announced that the company has earned certification to ISO 9001:2015 for its Quality Management System.

General Digital is an engineering services company that:

  • Designs and manufactures contemporary engineered solutions
  • Specializes in designing and manufacturing industrial- and military-grade monitors, smart displays, computers, control electronics, systems integration and more
  • Enhances performance of display systems through integration of overlays, surface coatings, optical film management, backlight redesign, and in-house optical bonding
  • Provides safety-critical software development and testing services to aerospace, avionic, medical, transportation, industrial and other applications

Graphic of GDC ISO certificateThe ISO 9001:2015 QMS certificate recognizes that General Digital’s quality management system is in conformance with the International Quality System Standard and was awarded by American Systems Registrar, an ANAB- and IATF -approved global registration services company.

On this award, Bryan Gudrian, president of General Digital said, “Achieving certification to ISO 9001:2015 QMS was a meticulous, company-wide process secured by third-party approval. This accomplishment highlights General Digital’s deep-rooted and unwavering commitment of excellence in providing our customers with the highest quality products and services across our three business units: Display Systems, Optical Bonding Laboratories, and Software Services.”

General Digital is committed to continuous improvement, constant focus on customer satisfaction, and advancing the efficiency of company processes to exceed customer and regulatory requirements. Achieving ISO 9001:2015 QMS certification demonstrates that General Digital quality processes and continuous improvement methodologies meet the highest industry standards.

About ISO 9001:2015 QMS         
ISO 9001:2015 QMS obtained global recognition as the leading standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS) and can be implemented by companies regardless of their size and industry. Published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the foundation of the ISO 9001:2015 QMS standard is grounded in effective quality management precepts. These precepts include increased focus on customer satisfaction, increased management, and the organization and advancement regarding the efficiency of processes. The recognition of and compliance with this certification culminates in the continuous improvement and production of products and services within an organization to exceed customer and regulatory requirements. 


Product Development & Software Services Develops Pupilometer Software with Partner AlgometRx

Photo of doctor measuring patient's pupil with special device attached to smart phoneScientists are looking for a way to measure pain, beyond the emoji-style sad faces.

This prototype was designed and built by General Digital engineers. The design specifications were form the inventor, Dr. Julia Finkel, a pediatric anesthesiologist and director of pain research at Children’s Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation.

This is an important technology on so many levels. It is a game changer for the healthcare industry and will help pain management within healthcare institutes across the globe.

We are thrilled to be so much closer to bringing this extraordinary concept to life. Not only will it prove beneficial to the estimated 25 million people in the U.S. who experience daily pain*, as well as millions more worldwide, we anticipate it will help in the current opioid crisis by preventing patients asking for unnecessary prescriptions or doctors prescribing excessive dosages.

Read the article from AP News:

*Source: NIH






August 2018

The EU Clamps Down on Medical Device Regulations

MRI machineAt this moment in the global economy, one of the most talked about subjects is the Trump administration’s tariffs around the globe. Disregarding the political chatter, their stated objective is to create fair-trade agreements, by way of tariffs, between the USA and our import/export leaders: China and the European Union (EU).

Recently, the Trump administration and the EU have come to an agreement in these ongoing negotiations. This agreement includes, in part, the regulation of medical devices. As specifics of the regulation are not within the scope of this article, the bottom line is that, historically, medical devices had far fewer hurdles to overcome in the EU. The much sought after CE mark was much more easily attained than FDA approval, meaning devices were more readily marketed in the EU than the USA.

Some products would be fast-tracked to market by going to Europe or elsewhere first. This route yielded two notable results:

  1. The US population was losing out on technology and treatments because of a substantial increase in the time it took for medical devices to get to market.
  2. The EU lost out on safety and quality, though as of May 2020, that situation will be reversed. This is all due to the fact that medical devices in Europe will have to go through a similar process to that of FDA approval in the US. In the EU, it will most likely fall under, or be added to, Medical Device Regulation 2017/745. This means that medical devices once unavailable to the US because of pre-approval regulations must now undergo regulations that will be monitored and checked before the devices can come to market.

For any new devices coming to market, or legacy devices requiring this new approval, General Digital Product Development & Software Services is one of the few companies worldwide that can help. Our 45+ years of expertise in safety-critical software development, IV&V testing and documentation has prepared us to assist any organization seeking FDA approval for medical devices. We provide the most efficient and cost-effective means to get the safest, highest quality medical devices to market.

PDF icon  Download the article

JULY 2018

We Welcome a New Intern

Photo of internGeneral Digital welcomes Melissa Levin to an internship in our Marketing Department. She is in her senior year at the University of Connecticut, studying communications with hopes of pursing a career in marketing and public relations.

Since she started, she has worked on numerous projects including producing social media content each week, assisting in Web site revision, analyzing competitors, and assisting in growing business relations. In her free time, she loves to listen to podcasts, try new restaurants, and spend time at the beach!

MAY 2018

IV&V Department is Breaking Records

Broken vinyl record with words RECORD BREAKER

Recently, General Digital’s Product Development & Software Services business unit has taken on quite a few new hires to help with the latest contracts we acquired, serving the industrial and medical fields. In April, with the big boost of personnel behind these projects, we surpassed our previous monthly record of 2,000 hours from our dedicated and diligent Independent Verification and Validation team!

This is an exciting time for us, as our company is growing not only in size, but in capability and expertise within these fields. With the benefit of our decades of experience performing saftey-critical IV&V testing in the military and aerospace industries, we are well equipped to assist our medical industry customers gain FDA approval for their new medical devices. 

What we have learned from this accomplishment is that General Digital can provide IV&V services for startup companies in record time compared to that of most competitors. Of course, it’s not only speed that matters, but precision as well, which is especially important when testing safety-critical products and systems. 

January 2018

Kicking Off the New Year with New Software Contracts

Men's hands shaking with space shuttle in backgroundGeneral Digital Product Development & SoftwareServices is happy to announce that the new year has brought forth quite a few new software opportunities in the aerospace industry. One project integrates hardware and software for a specialized weatherproofing application to be used in the field. Other projects include local aerospace manufacturers who are utilizing our expertise and consulting services to create high quality software that will enhance their internal software processing systems. Additionally, we will continue our ongoing partnerships with aerospace manufacturers and developers to enhance and test their software.

In current projects, after many trial and error sessions, General Digital is proud to announce that the first working prototypes for our partnered startup medical device company have been delivered for ongoing testing. We look forward to the next phase of this exciting new and innovative product, as well as helping them with FDA submissions and further enhancing their product lines.

Whether a customer is developing a new product or software, or attempting to retrofit/recertify a legacy system, General Digital’s experienced staff provides the independent assessments an organization needs to meet high quality software requirements. We are always at the ready to help our customers meet the ever-changing and demanding requirements of most industries, such as medical, avionics, transportation or industrial.


JUNE 2017

General Digital Welcomes Many New Hires

Photo of several people shaking handsGeneral Digital has just expanded our Product Development & Software Services business unit with new hires. The department has nearly doubled in size over the past few months, as we have been awarded several new contracts for software development and IV&V testing. We want to thank PDSS Sales & Business Manager Bill Stamm and everyone else for all of their work in expanding and further strengthening this business unit.

May 2017

General Digital Wins Contracts from Multiple Medical Device Companies

2 men looking at computer screen

Our recently won contracts from multiple medical device companies (from startups to billion dollar global companies) have more than helped us prove ourselves as experts in the field. As well, they have readied us for the potential troubles experienced by many startup medical device companies, such as finalizing their products to become FDA (Food & Drug Administration) certified and pass SEA (Software Engineering & Applications) regulations.

Recently, the medical industry has implemented changes intended to more strictly regulate itself. Specifically, the SEA has incorporated many aspects of DO-178 into its new requirements, and is demanding greater traceability and independence for FDA approval and certification. 

For over 25 years, General Digital’s Product Development & Software Services business unit has supplied IV&V (Independent Verification and Validation) services to the aerospace industry in compliance with DO-178 standards for safety-critical software. Our unrivaled experience performing manual and automated testing of life and mission-critical systems, as well as the qualification of the toolsets used to perform testing, has made General Digital a leader in the software testing field. This intimate knowledge of DO-178 requirements will allow us to seamlessly apply our unique talents to the medical market, and position ourselves as the subject matter experts to provide consultative services and testing. We are uniquely qualified to help our customers better understand the certification requirements, as well as perform IV&V services and provide software development.

Whether our customer is developing a new product, or attempting to retrofit/recertify a legacy solution, General Digital’s experienced staff provides the independent assessments necessary to obtain complete and accurate high quality software requirements, as well as help its customers meet the ever changing and more demanding requirements of the medical marketplace.



Development and Verification Completed

General Digital Product Development & Software Services recently completed a development and verification effort for a sub-component of the CH-47 Chinook helicopter.

MARCH 2015

Our Team is Growing

Our Software Engineering group welcomes a new Software Engineer, Bill Crabtree. Bill was previously employed with General Digital many years ago.


KC-390 First Flight Successful!

Embraer KC-390 military transport makes successful first flightGeneral Digital Product Development & Software Services is extremely proud that we were an integral part of the verification efforts for the KC-390. Way to go, team! Great job!
Read the press release from Embraer SA:



Medical & Avionics Software Testing Blog Release

Lifestar benefits from both medical and avionic software testingRead our latest blog post discussing how medical device and avionics software testing are very similar processes.


MFD Project Going Well

The Software Engineering group is making good progress on the prototype of the Multifunction Cockpit Display project that is targeted for rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft (and we are considering derivatives for other industries).

While the General Digital Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Aircraft Communications FPGAs are in development, the software group is writing the planning documents, developing the graphic elements and real-time animations, and evaluating Real-Time Operating Systems.


Our Team is Growing

In July, our IV&V group welcomed new Test Engineer Alex Higgins.

In August, our Software Engineering group welcomes new Software Engineers Dan Guerrera from UCONN School of Engineering, and Laura Eberhard from XOS Corporation. For their first task, Dan and Laura will be developing software for a Multifunction Cockpit Display Project.



Trade Show

Rafael Blanco, Director of IV&V, poses for a shot in our booth at AUVSI 2013General Digital Product Development & Software Services will have a booth at AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems 2013 trade show in Washington, D.C., from August 12–15. We look forward to meeting new faces and discussing software testing and any other topics of interest.


News & Events

    General Digital will be exhibiting at the Expo in Huntsville, AL, on October 28 READ MORE >

    General Digital releases new military-grade dual display workstation READ MORE >

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