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General Digital Outdoor Marine Monitors and Weatherproof Displays: Already Equipped for the Future

In the heat of battle, drastically changing outdoor weather conditions can jeopardize your military strategy, and leave your entire battalion vulnerable. Leaders must always stay one step ahead of those weather conditions and temperature fluctuations that could threaten your troops, electronic equipment, and communications.

Yet, the need for rugged, waterproof electronics and marine monitors extends beyond our armed forces and into our every-day industries and commerce. From manufacturing to construction and many other areas, day-to-day industrial conditions can leave your workers and expensive equipment floundering against debris, blowing sand, rain, ice, dust, and even harsh chemicals.

During severe weather and temperature conditions, or in harsh industrial environments, the dependability of your LCD monitors and displays is crucial. That’s where General Digital’s Barracuda line comes in—a tough, dependable array of weatherproof and waterproof LCD monitors that work equally well, whether indoors or outdoors.

General Digital’s waterproof and IP67’s environmentally sealed line of weatherproof flat panels hold up to rigorous testing under the harshest weather conditions, including low temperature and marine environments. Call 800-952-2535 or contact us to speak to a qualified Sales Engineer about our line of weatherproof and waterproof electronics and monitors.

NEMA 4/NEMA 6 and IP67 Waterproof and Environmentally Sealed Outdoor Flat Panel Displays

Select an outdoor monitor below that will best suit your needs. Mousing over the product name reveals a photo and brief description, and the link takes you to a page with detailed information.

Environmentally Sealed Flat Panel LCD Monitors

Barracuda RackMount™
Barracuda PanelMount™
Barracuda Standalone™

Sealed Enclosures Protect All General Digital Waterproof Monitor Models

Many LCD monitor manufacturers equip their waterproof displays with a cheap, plastic enclosure. More often than not, these computer components work just fine—until the unit gets too wet, or too dust-clogged. In these events, the water or debris-buildup causes the substandard LCD unit to malfunction. Consequently, the poorly or non-functioning LCD display can halt communication efforts and leave your mission vulnerable.

As the premier industry leader in waterproof displays, General Digital is proud to present our Barracuda Waterproof LCD monitor collection. Each of our six expertly designed industrial/military/marine display series include sealed enclosures, protective glass overlays and watertight gaskets to protect each sub-component from liquid and debris.

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