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Development, Verification and Company Capabilities

Software Engineering Services Profile (1:23)

Since 1973, our Software Engineering Services business unit has performed IV&V testing for safety-critical software. And we have developed software for a myriad of purposes, including medical, aerospace and more. For the highest quality onshore software services, come to General Digital, where we will finish it on time and on budget.



Independent Verification and Validation Services (1:57)

The manager of General Digital's Software Engineering Services business unit, Rafael Blanco, talks about the important work his group performs, ensuring safety in many facets of everyday life by testing software to the highest standards. For over 25 years, GD-SES has provided robust software verification and validation services. We specialize in the testing of embedded system software deployed in high performance safety-critical avionics systems. We always provide our customers with an on-time, independent verification effort. Our group has earned an excellent reputation for meeting our customers' demands with our accurate, prompt and reliable software quality service.



Independent Verification and Validation Services (2:37)

General Digital Software Engineering Services stands as the specialist in testing safety critical embedded software, with over a quarter century of experience. We consistently outperform many of our competitors, having tested over 30,000 modules and boasting an escape rate of less than half of one percent on over 9,000 modules since 2008.



Aviation Software Testing (1:55)

General Digital Software Engineering Services specializes in testing safety critical embedded software in aviation. We have extensive experience with C, C++, ADA and assembly language for numerous target processors. Our Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) testing services are designed to ensure your safety-critical software and systems are built and running correctly to accomplish the task at hand.



General Digital Company Profile (2:13)

General Digital is an engineering company that builds rugged monitors, and develops and tests safety-critical software. First, we manufacture industrial- and military-grade LCD monitors in many custom configurations. Second, we provide cost-effective optical enhancements for displays, efficiently improving a screen's brightness and contrast, as well as enhancing performance in many other ways (touch screens, heaters, EMI, etc.). Third, we provide safety-critical software testing and software developing services for aerospace, medical, transportation, industrial and other applications.


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