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Why Choose General Digital’s Optical Bonding Laboratories? (2:16)

A quick in-depth look at General Digital’s state-of-the-art Optical Bonding Laboratories. Optical bonding provides many benefits, such as improved display brightness, clarity and contrast; elimination of glare and reflections; extended operating temperature range; shock and vibration protection; and much more. Many industries already utilize optically bonded displays, such as military; avionics; medical; transportation; digital signage; and dozens more.




GenGard F801™ – Specialized Process for High Durability Optically Bonded Displays (2:13)

General Digital's Optical Bonding Laboratories developed the GenGard F801 process so that LCDs could endure the most unforgiving environments, such as extremes of altitude, temperature, shock and vibration.




Steel Ball Drop Test on Optically Bonded LCD Monitor (2:31)

Optical bonding of an LCD prevents the display from cracking or breaking. Shown here is a Steel Ball Drop Test per UL60950 requirements. The optical bonding process is performed in-house at General Digital's Optical Bonding Laboratories in South Windsor, CT.



LCD Monitor Environmental Stress Test (3:21)

From inside General Digital's Optical Bonding Laboratories, an environmental stress test and LCD heater demonstration on LCD Monitor inside a thermal chamber. Temperatures range from -40° C to +60° C. The monitor performs flawlessly regardless of the temperature variation.



Sunlight Readable LCD vs. Standard Luminance LCD Comparison (2:09)

General Digital compares a standard luminance LCD (left) and a sunlight readable LCD (SNCMP-19W). The video starts with standard indoor fluorescent lighting and then a sunlight-replicating studio light is powered up to simulate a sunlit environment.



Photometric Characterization Demonstration (3:04)

A technician at General Digital's Optical Bonding Laboratories takes luminance and contrast measurements of an LCD display under various sunlight readable lighting conditions.



NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) LCD Monitor Demonstration (1:42)

General Digital compares a standard luminance LCD (left) and a sunlight readable LCD with night vision goggle compatibility (SNCMP-19W). During the video, a Class B night vision monocle is placed over the camera lens, which clearly demonstrates that the SNCMP-19W display is invisible to the NVIS goggles, while still being usable by personnel who need access to the information.



Half-Bonded LCD Monitor Demonstration (1:35)

The benefits of optical bonding for sunlight readability are demonstrated, as shown on a half-bonded display at General Digital's Optical Bonding Laboratories.



GenDry™ LCD Monitor Moisture Prevention Demonstration (2:19)

GenDry provides moisture prevention (such as condensation) and is a low cost alternative to optical bonding. Available only from General Digital's Optical Bonding Laboratories.



High Altitude Testing of an LCD Monitor (1:22)

Many LCDs are used in applications that require operation at high altitudes. We can perform testing at low pressures for many displays at our Optical Bonding Laboratories. This video is a simulation of a typical high altitude test of an optically-bonded LCD.



Demonstration of LCD Film Lamination Machine (0:59)

This video demonstrates our film lamination machine installed within Optical Bonding Laboratories’ Class 100 cleanroom module, which minimizes any problems of dust and debris being trapped between the overlay films and display. This machine and other equipment is utilized to continually remove labor-intensive processes, thereby increasing our volume capacity through automation, as well as improving the quality of our products.



Q&A with Our Mission (0:59)

The mission statement of any company is a declaration of purpose for that organization. General Digital is no different in its adoption of a mission by which to define itself. In this video, we feature our very own employees demonstrating their contribution to your entire order experience. We recognize our commitment to you because, “At General Digital, your satisfaction is our passion.”



Q&A with Engineering (0:31)

Engineering is the life force of General Digital. We asked members of our engineering departments to define the term 'superior design'. Their answers reflect our commitment to providing the industry’s finest products and services.



Q&A with QA (0:31)

Quality can never be an afterthought. Defined as "character with respect to fineness, or grade of excellence", it is an essential ingredient to any successful venture. At General Digital, we simply cannot afford to ignore its importance. We took the time to ask some of our quality assurance personnel what quality means to them. Their answers are our answers, and our assurance to you that at General Digital, quality is included.



General Digital Company Profile (2:13)

Since 1973, our Software Services Group has performed IV&V testing for safety-critical software. And we have developed software for a myriad of purposes, including medical, aerospace and more. For the highest quality onshore software services, come to General Digital, where we will finish it on time and on budget.


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