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Graphic for display enhancement servicesIn addition to performing optical bonding, film laminations and brightness enhancements on an LCD, OLED or Plasma display component, General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories offers many complementary and supplementary components typically used within a flat panel display monitor or computer system. We work with multiple manufacturers to select the optimum components to further enhance the performance, environmental survivability and long-term reliability of your monitor/system.

Listed below are some of the more commonly requested options. Please speak with a knowledgeable Sales Engineer for a complete list of the many options available to you.



  • Heater Controllers

    It is not enough to simply add a heating element to an LCD, OLED or Plasma display system. As with an oven or a home heating furnace, a thermostat (heater controller) is required in order to control the rate and performance of the heating element and the object being heated. General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories offers generic and custom heater controllers for a wide variety of flat panel display and backlight heating elements.

  • Touch Sensor Controllers

    Along with the many touch sensor technologies available in the market, standard touch sensor controllers and drivers are also available. However, it is not always clear which is best for an application. General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories can recommend the optimal touch sensor, controller and drivers for your application.

    • Serial: RS-232 (typical); RS-422 and RS-485 also available
    • USB
  • Intelligent Backlight Controller (IBC)

    Designed, patented and manufactured by General Digital, this product monitors the bulb luminance and adjusts bulb current to maintain a constant light output level. It also monitors the environmental conditions that may affect the display and logs any monitor faults so predictive repair-before-failure analysis may be performed.

  • Zippy™ Piezo-Electric Inverters

    General Digital can provide low noise, wide dimming range inverters as part of your assembly. With all optical enhancements, it is imperative that the optimal inverter is utilized in order to maximize performance without diminishing the life expectancy of CCFL’s. General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories can recommend an inverter that will best suit your project requirements.

  • LED Backlight Control

    Support Electronics

    Electronics can be provided on LED-backlit enhanced displays. Similar to an inverter for a CCFL backlight, LED backlight systems require drive electronics to control them. General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories offers standard and custom configuration of LED backlight control modules for unique lighting conditions and requirements.

  • BIT Systems

    BIT (Built-in Test) systems are custom video test patterns and specific operation verification routines. General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories can offer simple or customer-specific BITs for your requirements.


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