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Sunlight Readable LCD Displays from General Digital

Selecting an LCD monitor for "daylight" jobs isn't an easy task. But don't worry–it's not your fault. On most typical flat screen computer monitors, the LCD panels only produce between 200 and 350 nits of backlighting. For daylight and sunlight readability, this is not enough luminance to create the high contrast necessary to make monitor displays visible against glare. 

Daylight Readable and Sunlight Readable LCD technology takes backlighting to the next level. In order to be properly viewable during the day, whether outdoors or indoors in high ambient lighting, General Digital configures its daylight readable flat panel screens to produce at least 343 nits of luminance. To guarantee color visibility in direct sun, our sunlight readable flat panel displays produce at least 686 nits of luminance.

Thanks to extra effort and extensive research into outdoor display visibility, General Digital has created a set of industry-leading high brightness monitors. Most of our display products are engineered go wherever you need them and work flawlessly for years—decades even.

With some models UL and FCC certified and upholding the standards of military requirements, General Digital's monitors with the sunlight or daylight readable option are high quality and durable.

Select a sunlight readable monitor below that will best suit your needs. Mousing over the product name reveals a photo and brief description, and the link takes you to a page with detailed information.

Sunlight Readable Flat Panel LCD Monitors

GenFlective™ Display Brightness Enhancements

GenStar™ Series
Saber™ Series
Barracuda™ Series
Impact™ Series
Rack Mount Hinge™ Series
SlimLine Micro™ Series
SlimLine 1U™ Series
SlimLine Lite II™ Series
TwoView™ Series
TwoView Micro™ Series


Rugged Sunlight Readable Displays Built to Last

Some outdoor and harsh environments just aren't made for the everyday flat panel LCD monitor. Industrial workstations typically require a rugged monitor capable of being read in spite of the elements, and typical monitors lack the ability to survive the wear and tear of military and industrial environments. For companies that need a daylight readable monitor that works anywhere, built to handle an industrial workload, General Digital's monitors are the solution.


Daylight Readable Displays that Outclass the Competition

Daylight and sunlight readable LCD monitors from General Digital have always provided long-term quality and durability to our customers. For nearly forty years, our monitors have bested the competition with:

  • Sunlight readable monitors in display sizes from 6.4 inch to 24 inch (ask about other sizes)
  • Nighttime readable and touch screen adaptability
  • Rugged, all-metal construction
  • Customer-driven design and configuration control
  • Support of screen resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 pixels (4K UHD)

Sunlight readable LCD monitors from General Digital meet the standards of multiple industries. All of our monitors are durable, adaptable, and affordable. General Digital monitors operate on a single +12 Vdc and +24 Vdc regulated source, available for purchase directly from us or customer supplied. Multiple connectors and other add-ons are also available.

Sunlight Readable Displays for Air Traffic, Commercial, Industrial, and Military Applications

Graphic for display enhancement servicesEvery panel mount or rack mountable LCD monitor from General Digital comes enclosed with all metal panels. All of our monitors and flip mount kits are manufactured for performance where durability is at a premium. In comparison to commercial LCD monitors, the rugged enclosures on our products are designed to be used in harsh settings. For commercial, industrial and military applications, the durability our monitors provide to users is top of the line. While all sunlight readable LCD monitors from General Digital are manufactured to the specifications of industrial and military applications, General Digital also actively seeks partnerships with VARs and OEMs. The quality of our monitors paired together with your company's identity will boost your bottom line. Contact one of our Sales Engineers at 800.952.2535 for more information.

Sunlight Readable Monitors from General Digital

Choose a product family of sunlight readable LCD monitors from the selections above. You can also complete the contact form or call 800.952.2535 to be put in touch with one of our Sales Engineers for more information.

Or read more about the technology behind sunlight readable displays. All documents will open in a separate browser window.

Download nowFlyer: Sunlight Readable/NVIS Dual LED Driver for LCDs Flyer 999-0902-002

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Download nowFlyer: Sunlight Readable/NVIS Dual Mini LED Driver Flyer 999-0902-003

Download nowData Sheet: Sunlight Readable/NVIS Dual Mini LED Driver Data Sheet 999-0421-500

Download nowData Sheet: Sunlight Readable/NVIS LED Driver Data Sheet 999-0421-223

Download nowWhite Paper: MIL-STD-3009 Sunlight Measurement Test Setup

Download nowWhite Paper: Not All Brightness Is Created Equal – A Discussion of LCD Brightness Values for the Real World

Download nowWhite Paper: Déjà Vue – Finding a Better Path to Specifying an Enhanced LCD to Meet Your RFQ

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Download nowWhite Paper: Weber Contrast Class – The True Measure of Sunlight Readable Displays



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