A Higher Standard

We design, develop, integrate and test software for high performing, safety-critical technology products.

Ensuring compliance to the most stringent certifications for highly-regulated industries.
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Our Areas of Expertise

General Digital Software Engineering Services works with your engineering staff while maintaining a bias-free organizational independence, ensuring high quality development and full testing coverage for your release configuration.

Software Development Electronics Development Systems Integration
  • Requirements Development and Analysis

  • Retrofitting Tools into Legacy Systems

  • Updating Software to be Agency compatible

  • Reverse Engineering Software To Existing Hardware

  • Circuit Design

  • Circuit Analysis

  • PCB Layout

  • PCB Fabrication and Assembly

  • EMI Design and Confidence Testing

  • Component Selection

  • Interconnect and Interfaces

  • Coordinate Certification Process

  • Optical Testing

  • Optical Bonding

IV&V Production Services Mechanical Development
  • Tool Validation and Qualification

  • Test Planning and Execution

  • Discrepancy Reporting & Resolution

  • Results Reporting

  • On-site PCB Assembly

  • On-site System Assembly

  • Off-site Production Coordination

  • Functional Testing

  • Packaging

  • 3-D Mechanical Layout

  • Prototyping

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Ready to Serve and Solve—at Every Step

General Digital offers creative and compliant technology solutions for Medical, Avionics, Transportation, Industrial Control, and other regulated industries.

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Every project starts with a conversation, where we both can get a clear picture of expectations, specifications, and deliverables. When ready, information (and NDAs) are exchanged. Existing documentation is verified for accuracy, and then the project commences. Product is thoroughly tested and on-spec, on-time, and on-budget.
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Trusted By:

Airbus General Dynamics Electric Boat Pratt & Whitney
Boeing General Motors Corporation Rolls-Royce
Collins Aerospace Gerber Scientific Sikorsky
Draper Laboratories Otis Elevator Triumph Engine Control Systems

Since 1973, General Digital has developed a comprehensive understanding of regulatory and documentation needs for clients in almost every industry. With thousands of projects in our portfolio, our teams are expert hardware and software designers, testers (IV&V), and document compliance specialists.

Having specialized in mission-critical and safety-critical control and processing applications for almost 50 years, we understand better than most that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to what we do. That’s why we always design with the end in mind—emphasizing requirements-based design while managing technical risks, especially when developing systems that rely on flawless software functionality.

We’re here to help you Engineer What’s Next.

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Markets Served

General Digital accommodates many markets with exceptional software & product development and IV&V testing.


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United States of America

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