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With the experience gained since our genesis in 1973, General Digital Product Development & Software Services has developed a comprehensive understanding of regulatory and documentation needs. We work with our clients to craft creative and compliant technology solutions for applications in Medical, Avionics, Transportation, Industrial Control and other regulated industries.

Our teams are expert hardware and software designers, testers (IV&V) and document compliance specialists. We understand there is no “one size fits all” approach when designing products and product enhancements in regulated industries.

Over the decades, our team has developed electronics and software for mission critical and safety critical control and processing applications. Our portfolio spans many industries and thousands of projects.

To ensure compliance, we leverage defensive design practices early on, which makes validation testing a “proof of compliance” rather than a “discovery of deficiencies.” Specifically, we design with the end in mind, emphasizing requirements-based design while managing technical risks—especially when developing systems that contain significant software functionality.

These products have substantial associated documentation, and in most cases, have planned sustaining or incremental feature releases via software updates. Our certification to ISO 9001:2015 QMS ensures that your project will be completed within an established process, thus accommodating informed dynamic decisions throughout the product lifecycle.

General Digital Product Development & Software Services is dedicated to finding the optimum solution for each and every customer’s unique design, implementation, independent testing and documentation needs, getting their product to market safely, efficiently and on budget.

We designed and developed the prototype for a revolutionary device that measures pain

Photo of pain-measuring device being used on eye of womanAt General Digital Product Development & Software Services, we engineer what’s next. We are proud to have been chosen—by Dr. Finkel and the world-class doctors and scientists at AlgometRx—to design and develop a prototype that brings an extraordinary idea to life.

This is such an important technology on many levels. This will be a game changer for the healthcare industry, pain management and an important step towards a solution for the opioid and prescription drug crisis in America. Read more...

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General Digital accommodates many markets with exceptional software & product development and IV&V testing.


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