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Technician using computer in server roomGeneral Digital’s Software Engineering Services business unit is driven by the 3 P’s: the highest quality People, Processes and Procedures.

This philosophy has led to many consulting engagements we call SSRA (Software Services Requirements Analysis). We engage in a short- or long-term consultation (whichever is needed to make a complete assessment), whereby we have one or two engineers on-site at the customer’s facility, with support from the home office. This culminates in a detailed report tailored to the specific needs of the customer. The assessment and corresponding report are based on industry devices being developed and manufactured, with a focus on the level of safety criticality, as well as logistics and resources of the customer. 

The inevitable question always arises, “Can you teach us to be like you?” The answer is a resounding “YES!,” and works in one of three ways:

1) We can do all of the work and take over the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)—or parts of it—and use the systems at our facility as an arm of your company.

2) We draw up a Facility Software Maintenance Agreement (FSMA) and set up remote systems at our clients’ facilities. This allows us to implement the proper systems, by installing and testing various applications including bug tracking, upgrade tracking, and overall quality tracking. All of which is customized around the particular needs of the customer.

3) A hybrid of 1 and 2. We can start one of the two processes mentioned above and then hand it over to the customer when they are ready. This is great for startups, or large, tenured companies dealing with the detailed paperwork, reporting, checks and balances that are expected for certification in medical and pharma by FDA accepted standard IEC 62304 and CGMP requirements part 820 (21 CFR part 820). It’s also great for the avionics indsutry, as the FAA will be expecting the same certifications to DO-178 standards.  

From requirements to IV&V testing and certified reports to software development plans to bug tracking to code fixes to upgrades, General Digital Software Engineering Services is there for you. We are an industry leader with over 40 years of experience providing top quality software, and acting in a supportive role for the certification process. Operating in an efficient, cost-effective manner, we save you valuable time and money.

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