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General Digital Software Services has all the right experience (languages, operating systems and tools) to ensure the success of your next project. Our tenured staff have verified and developed some of the most advanced systems in the industry today. We are dedicated professionals with an intense desire to develop and test software to the highest standards.

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High Performance Testing

General Digital Software Services offers robust Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) software services. We specialize in the testing of embedded systems software deployed in high performance safety-critical avionics systems. We have extensive experience designing and carrying out test plans based on stringent RTCA DO-178 requirements.

We can design test plans to satisfy your current test requirements and provide a seamless way to outsource this time-consuming task. We can also work with you to develop test requirements appropriate to the level of your software application. Additionally, we can make recommendations regarding test tools and simulators.

With hundreds of thousands of man-hours of testing in just the past 2 decades, we have extensive experience with C, C++, ADA and assembly language for numerous target processors. We can provide functional (black box) and structural (white box) testing for any level of criticality.

Photo of a Trent 900 engine nearing completion

Fluent with all criticality levels specified by DO-178B and DO-178C, our engineers can meet the demanding aspects of verifying software for certification.

  • Modified Condition/Decision Coverage
  • Branch/Decision and Statement Coverage
  • Boundary Analysis
  • Source to Object Code Traceability
  • Requirements-Based Testing
  • Documentation to provide objective evidence that safety level criteria have been met

While we specialize in testing critical Avionics systems, our team of experts is available to perform testing and verification on any critical software system. High quality software starts with complete and accurate requirements. Let our experienced staff provide the independent assessment necessary to obtain this assurance.


High Performance Development

Our software development engineers have a broad range of experience including embedded controls, graphics, technical and engineering tools, factory automation. We are creative problem solvers.


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