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Cockpit displayWhen it comes to your products and processes, the expert is you. When it comes to custom software, embedded controls, machine interface or automation, our software development experts provide you with exactly the level of support you require.

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General Digital has a long history of developing high quality software. We design, program, verify and integrate real-time software for use in automation, avionics, CAD systems, safety systems, robotics and weapons systems, and numerous other applications.

High speed trainThe breadth of our client base ranges from the world’s largest manufacturers of turnkey products and systems to local innovators and developers. Whether it’s embedded Linux, technical Desktop software or critical real-time applications, our dedicated software engineering staff provides the results you need.

By combining our development and verification services, you benefit from a complete  Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) solution.



We skillfully write software in Assembly, C, C++, Visual Studio, C#, Ada, Perl, Python, Xamarin, LabVIEW, SQL, Ruby, Qt and many other languages. We are experts in many operating systems (OS’s) such as Linux, MS-Windows and bare metal environments.

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