Shipping Instructions for Customer-Consigned Materials

General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories (OBL), is happy to accept Customer-Consigned Materials (CCM) for use in producing your bonded display solution. However, we do have some requirements regarding this material. These requirements will apply to all sales, unless otherwise agreed to in writing between you and OBL. This document will serve to help you with getting your materials into our system.

NOTICE: Do not ship any material to OBL before you receive our acceptance of your purchase order. Any material shipped prior to issuance of our acceptance is done at your own risk should the parts be misplaced.

Instructions for CCM Shipments

There are two broad classes of CCM which we can accept: material drop shipped to us from the vendor, billed to you and material which you acquire and in turn ship to us from your facilities. Each has somewhat different requirements.


Drop-Shipped CCM

Parts which are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer or their distributor shall be shipped in the same shipping package as used for any of their shipments. Included in the shipment must be a packing slip which clearly identifies the part number, your name and our sales order number. We will fax and/or mail you a Receipt of Consigned Goods for your records.

You will be solely responsible for warranty issues on these parts. Any parts which arrive in damaged condition will be returned to the party who shipped the parts to OBL so that a claim for damage may be promptly filed with the transportation company. Parts which do not conform to the manufacturer’s quality criteria at our incoming inspection will be rejected and returned to the location from which they were shipped. We will provide a copy of our test results documenting the reason for rejection with the returned parts. A copy of our determination that parts are unfit for further processing, with the specific reason they are unfit, will be provided to you within one week of parts arrival at our dock.


Customer-Shipped CCM

Material which you ship to OBL must be packaged in a manner which will minimize the risk of mechanical and electrostatic discharge damage. All materials used inside of the packaging must be static dissipative or antistatic in construction. No plain poly packaging materials shall be used in contact with the display or display-related items. The only exception to this is if you are re-using materials from the original vendor of the part. Boxes used in shipment must be adequate to allow the box to be handled by the shipping company without causing damage which may result from being dropped, struck by other items, etc. Failure to observe these packaging rules may result in excessive rejects at our incoming inspections.

Include within the package a packing slip with the following information:

  • Your name and purchase order number
  • Date of shipment
  • Description of quantity and nature of the items included in the package
  • Value of items (for insurance purposes)
  • Serial number of all units so identified by the manufacturer or by you
  • Our quote number

We will acknowledge receipt of the CCM by fax or mail, using the Receipt of Consigned Goods form and a copy of your packing slip. We will notify you of any parts damaged in shipment so that you can place a claim against the transporting company. Parts which fail to meet the manufacturer’s quality specifications will be rejected and returned to you at your expense for final disposition. You will be solely responsible for any and all claims against the manufacturer for failure to meet the test criteria. Our responsibility is to return rejects to you promptly, along with a copy of our test findings.


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