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Rack Mount Monitors & LCD Technology

Rack mount monitor technology may not seem like something that requires significant decision-making in most industries, but for those who use them, choosing the right rack mount monitor for the job is crucial.

There are many mass-produced rack mount LCDs, so finding monitors isn't tough. Finding the right rack mount monitor for your environment, however, can often present a challenge for industrial workstations. All rack mount monitors are NOT created equal.

For those companies that question whether or not their rack mount monitors are built to handle their industrial workload, General Digital monitors are the answer.

Select a rack mount monitor below that will best suit your needs. Mousing over the product name reveals a photo and brief description, and the link takes you to a page with detailed information.

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Rack Mount Flat Panel LCD Monitors

Saber RackMount™
Barracuda RackMount™
Titan RackMount™

Innovators of the LCD & Rack Mount Monitor Industry

LCD monitors from General Digital have been racking up industry accolades and providing quality products to customers since 1973. As we enter our fourth decade providing flat panel products to the market, our monitors continue to outpace the competition with:

  • LCD monitor screen sizes ranging from small (6.4 inch) to large (24 inch)
  • Compatibility with multiple rack sizes: 19" width, 1U and 2U heights, etc.
  • Rugged and lightweight metal construction
  • Customer-driven design and configuration control
  • Supporting screen resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 pixels (scaled)

Mountable LCD models from General Digital meet the standards of all users with durability, simplicity, adaptability, and affordability. Multiple add-ons, like a keyboard and mouse are also available for many of our models. General Digital monitors are also designed to operate from a single +12V and +24V regulated source. These power sources can be purchased directly from General Digital or customer supplied.

LCD Rack Mount Monitors for Industrial Computer Applications

Rack mount LCD monitors from General Digital are enclosed with all metal panels. All of our monitors and rack mount kits are manufactured for performance where durability is at a premium. In comparison to other LCD monitors, the rugged enclosures on our products are designed to be used in harsh settings. For commercial, industrial and military applications, the durability our monitors provide to users is top of the line.

In addition to durability, our monitors and LCD displays can also be easily rack mounted. Mounting holes located on the rear and sides of our monitor paneling is always supplied. Due to the compatibility of our monitors with common rack mount sizes - 19-inch width, 1U and 2U height, for example - integration into pedestals, cradles, articulating arms or yokes is also possible. With so many mounting options available with our products, we typically recommend speaking to one of our sales engineers to determine which mounting option will best fit your application.

In addition to manufacturing rack and wall mountable LCD monitors for commercial, industrial and military, General Digital also highly values business development partnerships with Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Incorporate our robust and reliable monitors while simultaneously maintaining company identity on our products through our private labeling services. Please contact one of our sales engineers at 800.952.2535 for additional information on these programs.


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