Fully Reconfigurable Human-Machine Interface

Mi-HMI Fully configurable human-machine interface smart display, graphics rendering program and interface hardwareMi-HMI™

Mi-HMI is a fully configurable Human-Machine Interface solution, consisting of a display with an integrated hardware platform to allow interfacing to any signals/devices (Mi-Display), a graphics rendering development program (Mi-Author).



Fully Reconfigurable Smart Display

  • Graphics rendering engine
  • Reads a variety of data sources and renders graphics to a display
  • Renders high quality, user-defined vector graphics
  • Can act as a single function or multifunction display
  • Sunlight readable
  • Optional touch screen

Mi-HMI smart display in landscape orientationMi-Author™

Graphics Editor

  • Connects sensor inputs with animated graphics
  • Provides wizards to easily create complex instruments
  • Includes “drag-and-drop” library
  • Available for MS Windows or Linux



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Whether it’s medical, industrial, transportation or avionics, call 800.952.2535 to learn what Mi-HMI can do for your business.



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