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Safety-Critical Software Testing Services

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) is more than just quality assurance—it's about ensuring your software systems do exactly what you need them to do, every single time. The name says it all:


Independent: People can’t objectively test their own code. Certified environments (FAA, FDA, etc.) mandate that all safety-critical code be independently tested to avoid conflict of interest.


Verification: Build the system right.


Validation: Build the right system.


It’s imperative that IV&V for safety-critical applications is performed correctly. Any failure of an embedded software system in an aviation, medical, defense, or other life-critical application is unacceptable.

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Our proprietary suite of testing toolsGenIViVe™, automates the most mundane aspects of unit testing, saving time and money, standardizing quality, and providing the traceability required and respected by the FAA, FDA, and other certifying bodies.

We take a consultative approach, and can work within whatever scope is required. We can implement your existing test requirements, providing a seamless, reliable method to outsource this time-consuming task.

We can also work with you to develop custom test requirements and methodology based on the criticality level of your software application, as well as make recommendations regarding specific test tools and simulators.

We have independently verified and validated standalone and embedded software for aviation equipment, medical devices, drones, autonomous vehicles, and other safety-critical applications for over 30 years—and never once had our work rejected by a certifying body.

Only General Digital can provide IV&V test reports with 100% coverage that are guaranteed to be certified—every time.

Providing On-Time Independent Verification and Validation

Our IV&V process includes:

  • Thumbnail of IV&V white paperRequirements Development
  • Tool Validation/Qualification
  • Test Planning and Execution
    • System Level Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • Integration Testing (HSIT, SSIT)
    • Unit Testing for Safety-critical Embedded Systems
  • Project Coordination
  • Discrepancy Resolution
  • Results Reporting


Unit Test Escape Rates

Graph of General Digital's Escape Rate over the last 10 years.Not all software testing firms are created equal. Sometimes, even after a module has been independently verified and validated, problems can still be discovered after testing by the manufacturer, certifying body, or even the end user (often resulting in a recall). The rate at which these testing errors occur is defined as an escape rate, calculated by taking the number of errors not found by the testing firm divided by the total number of units tested.

At General Digital, we take escape rates seriously. While we have an ISO 9001:2015 QMS-defined quality standard to maintain an escape rate below 0.5%, we’ve maintained an average escape rate far lower—0.1%—for more than a decade.

Nobody’s perfect, but we’re pretty darn close. That’s why we’re proud to post our escape rates—and why no one else does.

Our trained team of experienced, US-based engineers, combined with our proprietary unit testing tool, account for every possibility, ensuring 100% product reliability and coverage to the requirements—every time.

Why Choose General Digital for Your IV&V?

  • We can provide functional (black box) and structural (white box) testing for any level of criticality.
  • We provide accurate assessments of software issues early in the development cycle, including cybersecurity assessment and mitigation.
  • We have specialized in testing safety-critical embedded software for over 30 years.
  • We are committed to meeting customer demand with accurate, prompt and reliable service.
  • Our innovations in testing tools mean incredibly cost efficient, high quality results.
  • We are highly experienced in testing to FAA avionics standards RTCA DO-178 (DO-178B, DO-178C) up to level A.
  • Our experienced team has worked on over 70 aircraft IV&V programs for jets, helicopters, props, autonomous and drones for military and commercial applications.
  • We are successful in helping companies through their 510(k) FDA Premarket Notification.
  • We are proud to provide all of our services and support onshore in the USA.

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