Open Frame LCD Monitor Kit
Industrial Grade & Military Compliant


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  • Photo of Impact 12 inch monitor

    Rugged open frame design facilitates easy integration
    • Ready to operate “out of the box”
  • Many display sizes/resolutions from 6.5" to 24.0"
  • RGB analog (VGA), DVI, HDMI, Sync-On-Green, Separate, Composite video signals and more
  • Many options such as touch screens and display enhancements available

Consumer-grade and commercial displays often lack the performance and flexibility that many harsh and demanding environments require. 

General Digital’s Impact Series of open frame LCD monitors is the perfect response to the need for adaptable and durable displays built for long-term use. 

The Impact Series provides elegant simplicity, modular adaptability and cost sensitivity.



Photo of Impact monitor kitWe work with you to configure and build your Impact monitor kit to meet your precise needs. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of practical options for you to custom design your unit.

What truly separates our Impact Series from the rest of the crowd is its ability to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Impact offers several display sizes/resolutions from 6.5" to 24".
  • Configuration flexibility with a wide variety of LCDs, video controllers, display overlays and bezels to meet specific requirements.
  • Flawless operation in harsh and demanding environments; e.g., extremes of temperature, humidity, shock, vibration.
  • Long product life cycle. We can repair and/or replace defective or degraded parts with like or equivalent, compatible electronics or mechanical parts for an extended lifetime.
  • Designed, manufactured, tested and serviced in the U.S.A.
  • Private labeling with OEMs to maintain your company identity.
  • Custom configurations with optional components:


General Digital offers the Impact as a technology facilitator.

In its native form, it is intentionally designed as the most basic turnkey monitor General Digital produces. The Impact is comprised of the bare necessities and does not include features such as a protective enclosure, thermal management, etc.

It is intended to offer you, our OEM customers, with a low cost, turnkey product that can be easily integrated into your existing products, consoles, protective enclosures or kiosks. You may be required to contribute engineering content to your final installation to address issues of EMI, heat or safety.

Additionally, many Impact models are uniquely designed with the intent to be in compliance with FCC Class A and UL Certification, as well as to satisfy the needs of System Integrators/VARs and OEMs/End Users alike.


Close-up of glass mounted to displayThe Impact’s lightweight but sturdy metal mounting frame/enclosure has been optimized to reduce cost, protect the monitor’s electronics and facilitate a variety of mounting schemes. This inherent flexibility permits Integrators and VARs to quickly and easily design and manufacture their end-products around our fully functional display module.

General Digital offers a variety of optional bezels and enclosures to transform the modular Impact models into standalone, panel mount or rack mount devices.


By default, the Impact is configured to operate from +12 Vdc. Optional AC switching power supplies are available.

For applications requiring a unique power source, we optionally offer DC input and/or DC-DC converters with a wider input power range and reverse polarity.

Photo of many types of power supplies


Video controller PCB close-up

General Digital offers a wide range of video controllers, allowing you to fine tune the display features to support your specific video requirements.

We can reprogram the video controller firmware/BIOS to support a variety of video timings and specialty needs, such as STANAG 3350 A, B and C, RS-343 and RS-170. Most of our video controllers will also support interlaced and non-interlaced analog video (Separate, Composite and Sync-On-Green) as well as live video signals such as NTSC, PAL or SECAM. Some controllers will also support HD-SDI or SD-SDI as a standard or optional feature.

Please consult a Sales Engineer to optimize your video controller selection.


Display and backlight types
General Digital can integrate virtually any LCD display size/resolution, from almost any panel manufacturer (OEM), into our enclosures. To assist in selecting the right panel for your application requirements, we have provided a list of commonly used or recommended panels for standard/low luminance, high brightness, sunlight readable and NVIS compatible needs.

New display models are constantly being introduced to the market by the LCD manufacturers, making it extremely difficult for us to maintain a comprehensive list. For this reason, we encourage you to speak with a Sales Engineer to share your price and performance objectives, so we can assist you in making the best display selection.

Standard Displays

General Digital has provided a sample listing of some common transmissive displays that are not sunlight readable. Typically, these displays are suitable for applications that are not going to require specialty functionality, such as sunlight readability or NVIS compatibility, and for customers with cost-sensitive budgets.

Standard brightness display types
LCD backlight produces sufficient luminance for use in office, shaded and low ambient/darkness light levels. However, luminance is insufficient to overcome reflected light for use in direct sunlight.

Transmissive Enhanced Displays

This type of technology boosts the efficiency of the backlight’s light utilization and minimizes surface reflection of ambient light. It is a transmissive LCD module that produces high contrast images, even in bright outdoor light and direct sunlight. These displays feature a wider color reproduction range than reflective LCDs. Featuring an LED backlight, these displays consume very little power and produce very little heat, making them ideal for integration into fully sealed enclosures, which are devoid of ventilation holes and cooling fans to dissipate heat. They also provide the additional benefit of a wide operating/storage temperature (as great as -30°–85° C), so that they can endure exposure to greater internal ambient temperatures.

As a design note, we have found that these panels work best when coupled with an overlay that has an antireflective (AR) coating. Overlays that inhibit transmissivity (e.g., resistive touch screen) or have antiglare (AG) coatings will significantly reduce the panel’s performance in high ambient lighting conditions. Since transmissive displays produce greater brightness from their LED backlights than traditional transflective displays, they are regarded as a better outdoor solution, as they can generate high contrast in total darkness, in direct sunlight or on a cloudy/hazy afternoon.

Transmissive-EVT High Brightness Display Types
T-EVT technology uses the high brightness/efficiency LED backlight as a light source while minimizing the surface reflection of ambient light. The result is an LCD that produces high contrast images even in bright outdoor light or direct sunlight.

GenFlective™/Transflective Displays

This type of panel incorporates a highly reflective backlight that reflects the ambient lighting back out of the display to enhance its native brightness produced by its active backlight. Like the Transmissive-Enhanced View Displays, GenFlective panels work best when coupled with an AR-coated overlay. They are least effective with overlays that retard the light transmission (e.g., resistive touch sensors) or have a matte finish.

GenFlective/Transflective High Brightness Display Types
T-EVT technology uses the high brightness/efficiency LED backlight as a light source while minimizing the surface reflection of ambient light. The result is an LCD that produces high contrast images even in bright outdoor light or direct sunlight.

Sunlight Readable/NVIS Compatible Displays

These displays feature a value-add backlight, typically made from high efficiency LEDs. These displays produce significant active luminance. Often, the peak luminance is limited by internal ambient temperature constraints or must be connected to an intelligent backlight controller and thermal sensor that will automatically reduce brightness/power to avoid over-temperature conditions or thermal shutdown. The high luminance output makes them ideal for use with a wide variety of overlays such as touch sensors, EMI filters, heaters, etc.

Sunlight Readable/NVIS-Compatible Display Types
Sunlight readable displays use a General Digital-enhanced, highly efficient, super bright/sunlight readable LED backlight to provide maximum functional brightness. The addition of surface treatments such as antireflective coatings and optical bonding reduce surface reflections and increase contrast so displays can be used in direct sunlight.

If our stock offering does not suit your needs in terms of size, fit or function, please contact a Sales Engineer and we will work with you to configure a system to your specifications. Customers can also request that we integrate one of our many LED-based sunlight readableNVIS or sunlight readable/NVIS enhanced displays into their product. These solutions provide many advantages, such as increased longevity, improved durability, higher brightness, lower power consumption and/or NVIS compatibility.


A myriad of display enhancements and services are available, such as:

Please consult a Sales Engineer to discuss your specific needs or ideas.


Photo of mechanical drawingWe at General Digital are completely responsible for the design and construction of our products, allowing us to maintain nearly total control of their future. To that end, we gladly offer our engineering services to customers who require special customization of our devices to meet their commercial, industrial, marine or military requirements.

Our experience supporting Department of Defense programs has taught us the value of designing products with foresight so that they can be manufactured, serviced and upgraded for many years.

Though the market introduces new innovations and product upgrades at an alarming rate, our product management team knows the importance of proactive customer notification. Thus, we can offer product adaptation with similar or equivalent performance before designs become obsolete, thereby extending the product life cycle.

Please consult a Sales Engineer for additional details.

Below is an overview of a typical General Digital Impact Series model number. Having a good understanding of the structure of our model numbers will help you configure your monitor.


Prefix Family Size/ Resolution Display Video Controller Keyboard Enclosure Overlay Power Supply Custom
pp MK
aab ccc(c) dd(d) ee ff gg hijj zzz
Note the following options for the Prefix (pp) category:
s = Sunlight Readable
n = NVIS Compatible
The Family category defines the base configuration, where...
MK & CM = Impact Monitor Kit

Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.



sn = Prefix indicates sunlight readable and NVIS compliant
CM = Impact Family
19W = Display Size [19"] and Resolution [SXGA, 1280 x 1024]
967 = Display model: Value-add LED backlit sunlight readable LCD
117 = Video Controller model
00 = No keyboard supplied with this configuration
00 = No enclosure: Open frame design
25 = Overlay type: Clear float glass, antiglare etch two sides
SP31 = Power Supply type: Separate, AC input, power factor corrected, 100 watts
125 = Custom configuration


The Impact Monitor Kit has been carefully designed to allow our design engineers to modify/customize existing designs, accommodating a limitless variety of display size/resolution combinations. Customers greatly benefit since they can request virtually any OEM LCD of their choice for integration, or select from our current list of value-added Genflective, Sunlight/High Brightness or NVIS-Compatible enhanced LCDs.

In the tables below is a sampling of display panels that we have verified compatibility. Since new display models are constantly being introduced to the market by the LCD manufacturers, we invite you to share your requirements with a Sales Engineer, and they will consult with you to select the best panel for your application needs.


Popular Standard Luminance Displays
aab Model Size
Viewing Area
(W x H)
(R/F ms)
H/V View
Temp. (°C)
06X 103 6.5" 5.20" x 3.90" 1024 x 768 LED 650 500:1 6/19 ±80°/
08S 166 8.4" 6.71" x 5.03" 800 x 600 LED 450 600:1 20/10 ±80°/
10V 212 10.4" 8.31" x 6.24" 640 x 480 LED 450 1500:1 14/9 ±88°/±88° -20°–70°
10X 224 10.4" 8.28" x 6.37" 1024 x 768 LED 500 1000:1 14/11 ±88°/±88° -30°–70°
12S 304 12.1" 9.69" x 7.26" 800 x 600 LED 600 1500:1 13/12 ±89°/±89° -30°–80°
15X 408 15.0" 11.97" x 8.98" 1024 x 768 LED 400 600:1 3/5 ±80°/±80° -20°–70°
15X 409 15.0" 11.97" x 8.98" 1024 x 768 LED 400 700:1 5.7/2.3 ±80°/
15D 479 15.6" 13.55" x 7.63" 1920 x 1080 LED 400 700:1 8
±80°/±70° -10°–70°
17W 510 17.0" 13.30" x 10.64" 1280 x 1024 LED 350 1000:1 3.5/1.5 ±85°/±85° -30°–85°
17D 524 17.3" 15.03" x 8.46" 1920 x 1080 LED 400 600:1 37/3 ±80°/
+60°, -80°
19W 701 19.0" 14.81" x 11.85" 1280 x 1024 LED 350 1000:1 3.6/1.4 ±85°/±80° 0°–50°
19W 711 19.0" 14.81" x 11.85" 1280 x 1024 LED 450 1000:1 7/3 ±85°/±80° -30°–85°
20U 845 20.1" 16.06" x 12.05" 1600 x 1200 LED 330 1400:1 30 ±85°/±85° 0°–50°
22D 813 21.5" 18.77" x 10.56" 1920 x 1080 LED 300 5000:1 20/5 ±89°/±89° 0°–60°
24D 819 24.0" 20.92" x 11.77" 1920 x 1080 LED 300 3000:1 16/9 ±89°/±89° 0°–50°
24K 848
23.8" 20.75" x 11.67" 3840 x 2160 LED 300 1000:1 9.5
±89°/±89° 0°–50°

Popular Sunlight Readable/NVIS Compatible Displays
aab Model
Viewing Area
(W x H)
(R/F ms)
H/V View
Temp. (°C)
06V 105 6.5" 5.22" x 3.91" 640 x 480 LED/
700 600:1 15/10 ±80°/±70° -30°–85°
06V 9005 6.5" 5.22" x 3.91" 640 x 480 LED 1000 800:1 3/15 ±80°/±80° -30°–80°
06X 9004 6.5" 5.20" x 3.90" 1024 x 768 LED 650 500:1 6/19 ±80°/
+80°, -60°
08S 9007 8.4" 6.71" x 5.03" 800 x 600 LED 800 800:1 3/15 ±80°/±80° -30°–80°
08X 917 8.4" 6.71" x 5.03" 1024 x 768 LED 600 1000:1 13/12 ±88°/±88° -20°–70°
12X 862 12.1" 9.68" x 7.26" 1024 x 768 LED 800 900:1 3/15 ±80°/±80° -30°–80°
15X 989 15.0" 11.97" x 8.98" 1024 x 768 LED 600 600:1 3/5 ±80°/±80° -20°–70°
17W 956
17.0" 13.30" x 10.64" 1280 x 1024 LED/
Dual Mode
932 813:1 3.5/1.5 ±85°/±85° -30°–85°
19W 993
19.0" 14.81" x 11.85" 1280 x 1024 LED/
Dual Mode
1000 700:1 3.6/1.4 ±85°/±80° 0°–50°
22D 987
21.5" 18.77" x 10.56" 1920 x 1080 LED/
Dual Mode
1040 7430:1 20/5 ±89°/±89° 0°–60°
24D 9014 24.0" 20.92" x 11.77" 1920 x 1080 LED 893 3340:1 16/9 ±89°/±89° 0°–50°

[1] This model is equipped with an Ultra HD 4K display.

[2] This model has been designed and tested to be NVIS compatible to MIL-STD-3009.


Model No.
Panel Resolution
(Up To)
117 1920 x 1200
@ 60 Hz
Component [1]
DVI Dual Link 1.4
Image Flip
Ethernet Control
4.74" x 7.05" 3.12" x 6.57"
119 2560 x 1600
@ 60 Hz
DVI-D (x2)
HDMI (x2)
Audio Adaptor Board (Optional) 8.01" x 4.74" 7.53" x 4.26"
121 1920 x 1200
@ 60 Hz
ARGB (x2)
HD Component
8 Bit
HD-SDI Daughter Board (Optional)
HD Component Video (Optional)
4.74" x 7.06" 3.12" x 6.57"
125 4096 x 2160 (4K)
@ 60 Hz
DVI-I (2)
HDMI (x5)
HDMI (x3)
Ultra High Definition
V-by-One, eDP and LVDS Interface
DVI-I Dual Link
IR Remote Control
Ethernet Control
Reverse Power Polarity Protection
6.06" x 8.00" 5.59" x 7.53"
132 1440 x 900
@ 60 Hz
4.23" x 3.60" 3.75" x 3.12"
135 1920 x 1200
@ 60 Hz
ARGB (x2)
Composite (x2)
HDMI (x2)
Audio Adaptor Board (Optional) 7.05" x 4.04" 6.57" x 3.12"
138 1920 x 1200
@ 60 Hz
Audio Line Out Jack 4.23" x 3.61" 3.75" x 3.12"
140 1920 x 1200
@ 60 Hz
HDMI (x2) HDMI 3.60" x 2.47" 3.13" x 1.87"

[1] Can be configured with HDMI or Component video plus DVI-D and VGA.


ff Description
00 A specially-designed aluminum panel that holds the display and electronics securely,
and allows for easy mounting into the customer’s enclosure, panel, kiosk or other device.

Impact Mounting Panel [1]

6.5" 7.50" x 9.25" x 1.43" 3 Pounds
8.4" 7.50" x 10.50" x 1.48" 4 Pounds
10.4" VGA 9.50" x 11.63" x 2.50" 4 Pounds
10.4" XGA 8.81" x 11.81" x 1.38" 4 Pounds
12.1" 9.00" x 14.00" x 2.04" 6 Pounds
15.0" 11.22" x 14.22" x 1.99" 8 Pounds
17.0" 12.18" x 16.23" x 2.22" 8 Pounds
19.0" 13.12" x 16.04" x 2.94" 13 Pounds
20.1" 15.30" x 21.70" x 2.50" 14 Pounds
21.5" 12.75" x 20.75" x 2.50" 17 Pounds
24.0" 15.30" x 21.70" x 2.50" 19 Pounds

[1] Note that dimensions are to be referenced as a general guideline only. Since our display panels can be tailored to your needs, the specific dimensions may vary somewhat.


The Impact Series is highly configurable. There are many overlays that can be added in front of or behind the LCD to improve its performance. Please speak with a Sales Engineer to select the right overlay for your budget and performance requirements. Note that a unique numerical identifier will be assigned depending on the specific overlay(s) selected. Download our full list of assigned overlays available.

gg Description
Glass Overlays Various Thicknesses (1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm)
Glass Overlays Various Surface Treatments (AR, AG, AR/AG, etc.)
Glass Overlays Various Construction (Gorilla, Chemically Strengthened, Float, etc.)
Glass Overlays Various Contrast (Clear, 62% Neutral Density, 75% Neutral Density, etc.)
Plastic Overlays
Various Thicknesses (1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm)
Plastic Overlays
Various Surface Treatments (AR, AG, AR/AG, etc.)
Plastic Overlays
Various Construction (Lexan, etc.)
Plastic Overlays
Various Contrast (Clear, 62% Neutral Density, 75% Neutral Density, etc.)
Touch Sensors Various Technologies (Resistive [4-Wire, 5-Wire, etc.], Capacitive [Surface, Projected, Touch, etc.], IR, SAW, etc.)
Touch Sensors Various Surface Treatments (AR, AG, AR/AG, etc.)
Touch Sensors Various Construction (Resistive [GFG, FFG], Capacitive [glass, strengthened glass])
Display Heaters Various Technologies (ITO Bus Bar, Silver Mesh, Strip)
Display Heaters Various Ratings (Ohm, OPI, etc.)
Display Heaters Various Controllers (Power, Warm-Up Time, etc.)
EMI Filters Various Ratings (Ohms, OPI, etc.)
Films Various Surface Types (AR, AG, AR/AG, Privacy, Cold Mirror, etc.)
Films Various Background Types (BEF, DBEF, ESR, etc.)
Other Circular Polarizers
Other 1/4-Wave Retarders
Services Optical Bonding


Listed below are the most popular power supplies we use to power our LCD monitors. [1]

Grade Input Voltage
Power Factor
SP07 Separate Industrial 85–264 Vac +12 Vdc 47–63 Hz 150 Watts 0.99
SA30 Separate Industrial 90–264 Vac +12 Vdc 47–63 Hz 66 Watts No
SP31 Separate Industrial 90–264 Vac +12 Vdc 47–63 Hz 100 Watts Yes
(Standard config
does not include supply)
+12 Vdc
Provided by customer Provided by customer Provided by customer Provided by customer

[1] All variations of the Impact LCD monitors are designed to be in compliance with FCC Class A and UL 60950 Certification, which includes configuration with General Digital’s standard supply. Please note that these supplies include the required DC harness and connector to interface with your Impact unit.

General Digital designs and manufactures scores of different monitor configurations each year, making the creation of technical documentation for each configuration impractical. We efficiently combine data into a select few documents, which answer most questions that customers typically ask. Please feel welcome to request any information not found here.


Utilities are available to all visitors, and can be used for a variety of LCD monitor applications.

User’s Manuals and Calibration & Setup Guides are available for customers only. 

Drivers are available for customers only.

If you have lost the password provided with your product, please contact us right away.


The photos below represent a small sampling of General Digital’s standard and custom Impact LCD products. They serve to illustrate the many display sizes and mechanical configurations we offer, as well as standard and custom design features, capabilities and options. Click the thumbnails to view full-size photos.


  • Impact Solar 6.4
  • Impact Solar NVIS 6.5
  • Impact 10.4
  • Impact Solar 15.0
  • Impact 17.0
  • Impact 42.0
  • Watch the videos below to learn more about display services General Digital offers for most monitors, whether built by us or another manufacturer.

    Optical Characterization Services (2:16)

    Unlike your phone, a display’s position cannot easily be adjusted to increase readability in direct sunlight. General Digital’s Optical Characterization Services take the guesswork out of quantifying how your display will perform under sunlight conditions. The following video explains the process in detail.


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