GenStar III / GenStar IV

Air Traffic Control Tower & Navigation LCD Monitor
Industrial Grade & Military Compliant

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  • Photo of GenStar IV LCD monitor

    Maintains compatibility with STARS infrastructure, tower video controllers, seismic-qualified mounting solutions and Statement of Work
  • Available in two display sizes
    • 19.0" and 21.3"
    • Sunlight readable standard
    • LED backlit standard
  • Use as a standalone device or employ VESA mount to attach to yokes, cradles, pedestals or articulating arms
  • GenStar IV offers many never-before-seen advanced features
  • From 1999, GenStar I and II maintained a nearly 20-year run as the sole-source Tower Display for the FAA’s STARS program

General Digital is offering the GenStar III™ and GenStar IV™ concurrently to accommodate differing air traffic control needs and budgets.

Both models offer drop-in replacement for legacy GenStar monitors.

The GenStar III has significant advantages over the now discontinued GenStar II™, while delivering a good value. 

The GenStar IV, on the other hand, offers the very latest technological advancements for busier air traffic control towers.


Photo of GenStar III

  • New LED backlight controller
  • Optical/protective glass
  • High performance LCD controller
  • Rugged, all-metal construction
  • Field-replaceable power supply (GenStar IV)
  • Certifications
    • UL60950-1 (Safety)
    • EN 61000-4-2 (ESD)
    • FCC 47CFR Class A
  • Inquire about options, accessories and customization, including panel mount enclosures


Close-up of video connectors

  • Two display choices:
    • 19.0", 1280 x 1024 resolution
    • 21.3", 1600 x 1200 resolution
  • LED backlights provide:
    • Sunlight readable brightness
    • Low power consumption
    • Long life
  • Advanced LED backlight controller
  • Intelligent USB/OSD controller to tailor performance of system variables, including:
    • Upgrade boot-load firmware in the field
    • Over temperature corrective action
    • Close-up of fan and power supply heat sinkBacklight brightness
      • Minimum and maximum setpoints
      • Brightness dimming


As with previous incarnations, the Genstar IV remains a true drop-in replacement for existing TDM displays.

The new User Interface Display (UID) provides users with an intuitive means to configure performance, view status/faults and calibrate/control without having to block flight-critical data on the main display with an On-Screen Display (OSD).

HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI ports have been added in conjunction with the ARGB port to allow additional flexibility in supporting video sources.

LED backlight array close-upEnhanced Backlight

Depending on the model, the Genstar IV features either an enhanced edge-lit LED backlight or direct-lit LED backlight. The backlights, in conjunction with General Digital’s LED controller, achieve a display brightness from 600 (to comply with STARS Statement of Work) to >1500 nits, with a dimming ratio of >1000:1. The backlights are controlled via PWM, allowing precise and flicker-free brightness control. The MTBF (half brightness life) of the LEDs exceeds 100,000 hours.

User Interface Display (UID)

User Interface Display

The Genstar IV takes user control to the next level through the integration of a separate character display to configure performance, monitor health and control the GenStar IV’s behavior. The programmable display/keypad eliminates the OSD, keeping the main screen clear for data. It allows the user to access OSD controls, select preferred auto-dimming algorithm and brightness zones, configure alarm reporting, and more. Passcode access limits advanced settings to authorized technicians only.

Graphic of sun and moonAmbient Light Sensor

The Genstar IV boasts dual ambient light sensors to ensure that the display stays at the optimal brightness for the user. The sensors are located on either side of the monitor, ensuring that localized shadows will not impact performance. The ambient light sensor control is firmware-based and can be tailored to meet each specific customer’s needs. Settings can be changed on the fly through the monitor’s UID control panel.

Graphic of thermometersInternal Sensors

Internal sensors are monitored by the control circuitry within the Genstar IV to ensure that the monitor operates within its specifications and prevents critical failures. The controller polls thermal/optical sensors, fan speed, the LED controller, video controller, and power supply for operating status. As needed, the controller can take actions such as increasing fan speed, adjusting brightness or notifying the user of potential issues through the UID.

USB connectorUSB Connectivity

A USB port on the back of the system allows the monitor to be connected to any PC. The connection allows for flash-upgrading of all embedded controller firmware (OSD, Modular Power Supply, Video, LED Backlight, Smart Fan) within the monitor, as well as access to system performance data and user-configurable settings. Monitor performance can be tailored or upgraded in the field without requiring return to the factory.

Photo of power supplyField Replaceable Power Supply

GenStar IV features a modular field-replaceable 100 Watt power supply (FAA-G-2100-H compliant) featuring onboard monitoring of AC/DC power, output current and component temperature. The supply proactively disconnects power from the monitor if voltage or current exceeds its predefined limit, and reports status and failures to the intelligent controller for display through the UID. Rear-mounted cooling fans are field accessible for replacement when the user is notified via the UID.


User Interface Display

The Advanced Display Interface System (ADIS) is a powerful tool that grants users the precise configuration control required to operate optimally in a variety of environments.



Adjust system parameters, view system variables, and receive warnings or faults (e.g., LED backlight over temperature, fan failure, and power supply faults).


RGB Backlit

16.8 million color choices and 255 steps of brightness that can be set to automatically dim with main display or dim when inactive.

OSD Functions

Main display On-Screen Display (OSD) menu can be accessed via the character display to avoid blocking mission-critical flight information on the main display.



Seven white backlit keys: up, down, left, right, center, top programmable and bottom programmable. These keys have 255 steps of brightness ranging from 0% to 100% brightness, and can be set to automatically dim with main display or dim when inactive.



Three tri-color (red, green, yellow) status LEDs.



Precisely control the backlight brightness. Adjustable resolution.


The GenStar IV contains four major controller boards:

  • Video Controller
  • Smart Fan Controller
  • LED Backlight Driver
  • OSD Controller

All four of these boards (excludes OEM versions of LED Controller) can be bootloaded via the OSD controller USB (virtual serial port) port. The GenStar IV has been designed to partially run on USB bus power to simplify programming. The following features are available when powered from the USB bus:

  • User Interface Display – Fully operational.
  • Fan Controller – Bootload firmware, will not power fans.
  • LED Backlight Driver – Bootload firmware, will not drive LED backlights.
  • OSD Controller – Bootload firmware, fully operational, all I2C devices powered.

Advanced BootLoad System flowchart

All boards are bootloaded using the General Digital Advanced Bootloader Application (ABA). This application simplifies bootloading to a few easy steps within the application. This eliminates any inconvenient procedures, such as power cycling a unit or keying precise button combinations. The union of effective bootloading and versatile hardware allows the user to reconfigure a system’s behavior entirely, without ever leaving the field. The ABA is a .NET utility, which is compatible with Windows® platforms.


The GenStar product line has evolved considerably since its initial release in 1998. The most radical change is easily the latest incarnation—GenStar IV. Below is a chart detailing the changes and upgrades from the GenStar II, which is no longer available.

Feature Description GenStar II GenStar III / GenStar IV GenStar IV Advantages
Display Size 20.1" 19.0" or 21.3" More sizes supported; 21.3" display supported 5 years minimum
Resolution 1280 x 1024 19.0": 1280 x 1024
21.3": 1600 x 1200
No changes to STARS software (19.0", 20.1")
for 1280 x 1024 resolution; 21.3" same aspect ratio as 20.1" (4:3); can be run in native resolution or scaled to fit
Viewing Angle
(Hor. / Vert.)
±85° / ±85° 19.0": ±85° / ±80°
21.3": ±89° / ±89°
Improved viewing angle on 21.3"
(Dark Room)
>300:1 19.0": 1000:1
21.3" (809): 1400:1
21.3" (995): >1100:1
21.3" (996): >1100:1
Significantly improved contrast for 19.0" and 21.3" configurations due to technical advances in LCD technology since 20.1" first introduced
19.0": —
21.3" (809): 6.56 / Class 5
21.3" (995): 14.61 / >Class 6
21.3" (996): 13.77 / >Class 6
Significantly improved contrast for 19.0" and 21.3" configurations due to technical advances in LCD technology since 20.1" first introduced
Backlight Type CCFL, Direct 19.0": Edge-lit LED
21.3" Edge-lit or Direct-lit LED
Lower cost; improved uniformity, reliability, life expectancy; lighter weight
Redundancy Interleaved Bulbs Serial/Parallel Design Both soft-failure approaches prevent the failure of a single
backlight component from rendering the LCD unviewable
Luminance 825 Nits 19.0": 1320 Nits
21.3" (809): 670 or 900 Nits
21.3" (995): 1510 Nits
21.3" (996): 1500 Nits
Increased maximum brightness; significantly less power per watt; lower cost of ownership
Power 140 Watts 19.0": 22.5 Watts
21.3" (809): 50 Watts (OEM)
21.3 (995): 60 Watts (GD Edge-lit LED)
21.3" (996): 67 Watts
Increased maximum brightness; significantly less power per watt; lower cost of ownership
MTBF 50,000 Hours 118,000 Hours Significantly increased MTBF with LED backlights
Operation at Maximum Brightness 4,000 Hours >10,000 Hours Will be able to maintain maximum brightness of LED backlight much longer than CCFL; Driving LEDs at fraction of maximum rating and MTBF significantly increases
Power Source Dual Inverters LED Controller Increased reliability (Inverters #1 GSII failed component)
Optical Filter Type Solar Gray


Lower cost; multiple sources of supply; shorter lead time; increased contrast of new displays negates need for 75% contrast filter
Light Transmission 75% 19.0": 100%
21.3": 100%
High contrast of new LCDs negates need for 75% contrast filter; Improved brightness efficiency due to increased transmission through clear filter
Antireflection Treatment Vacuum Deposit Vacuum Deposit Most reliable and durable coating
Antiglare Treatment 72 Gloss Etch 72 Gloss Etch Same treatment; Meets SOW
Video Controller Type Type 61; Analog video support only Type 117; analog and digital support Superior performance and long production life (available ≥2019)
Firmware Custom Custom Custom firmware required to support STARS-specific video timings (see SOW) and to reduce switch time between primary and secondary video sources
Video Input Type / Connector Analog
(5 BNC)
Yes Yes Supports separate, composite, Sync-On-Green video signals; Requires calibration of video
Not supported Yes Newly added feature to GenStar IV
Analog Pass-thru (HD15) Not supported Yes Newly added feature to GenStar IV
Not supported Yes Newly added feature to GenStar IV; Locking connector; No calibration required
Not supported Yes Newly added feature to GenStar IV; No calibration required
Backlight Controller Type Intelligent Backlight Controller (IBC) Intelligent LED + Smart Fan Controller Lower cost; increased reliability; all SMT technology; No EOL components
Power Supply Output 300 Watt (EA25)
250 Watt (EA46)
100 Watt No derating up to 50°C
PFC EA25: No
EA46: Yes
Yes No derating up to 50°C
FAA-G-2100-H Yes Yes No derating up to 50°C
Mounting External GenStar III: External
GenStar IV: Internal
Depth of GenStar IV main enclosure reduced by 2.00" because of internal mounting
Field Replaceable Yes Yes GenStar IV power supply mounted on rails, faciliating easy removal; Includes strain relief for power cord and captive fasteners
Cooling Fans Type 119 x 25mm (x2) GenStar III: 119 x 25mm (x2)
GenStar IV: 92 x 25mm (x1)
Lower cost; Less noise; Fewer fans; Only necessary at high ambient temperature or over-temp
Mounting External GenStar III: External
GenStar IV: Recessed
Does not add depth to the enclosure; Quick disconnect connector faciliates replacement without tools
OSD Interface Type Membrane Keypad GenStar III: Membrane Keypad
GenStar IV: Color LCD (Service Display) and backlit keypad
GenStar IV has no hinged door, increased functionality, programmability, verbose warnings, more
Protection Hinged Door GenStar III: Hinged Door
GenStar IV: Keycode protected access to certain menus (programmable)
GenStar IV Service Display can be programmed by GD to provide access only to functions that FAA approves, while other functions can be provided to management with proper keycode; No mechanical door required
Backlit Not Supported GenStar III: Not Supported
GenStar IV: Yes
GenStar IV Service Display color is configurable; brightness of keypad and display is dimmable or can be shut off
Bezel Material Aluminum


Display Sizes
20.1" 19.0": Standard + Adaptor
20.1": Standard
21.3": Replacement
Display viewing area cutouts adjusted to diagonal viewing area of display selected
Dimensions 17.0" x 19.5" x 0.125" 17.0" x 19.5" x 0.375" GenStar IV bezel is milled to improve appearance and safety
Enclosure Material Aluminum Aluminum Same
Dimensions (Maximum) 17.0" x 19.5" x 6.5" GenStar III: 17.0" x 19.5" x 6.5"
GenStar IV: 17.0" x 19.5" x 4.5"
Reduced depth due to recessed connector panel / cooling fan and removable power supply
Weight 35 lbs. with Weighted Block GenStar III: 35 lbs. with Weighted Block
GenStar IV: 23 lbs. without Weighted Blocks; Up to 35 lbs. with Optional Weights
Reduced weight of GenStar IV decreases
shipping costs (new / repair)
Connectors External GenStar III: External
GenStar IV: Recessed Connector Panel
Reduces overall depth since connectors face downward instead of out the back, greatly reducing space required behind the monitor
Mounting 1/4-20 Side Mounts GenStar III: 1/4-20 Side Mounts
GenStar IV: 1/4-20 Side Mounts; Rear VESA 100 x 100 mm
Support for legacy STARS ceiling and destop mounts; Support for VESA mounts and Slat Wall Adaptors
Certifications Type UL60950-1;
EN 61000-4-2FCC;
47CFR Class A
EN 61000-4-2FCC;
47CFR Class A
Special Features Smart USB / Bootstrap Loading Not Supported GenStar III: Not Supported
GenStar IV: Yes
Supports bootstrap loading of firmware for all four embedded controllers (Video, LED/Backlight, Smart Fan and OSD/Service Display) allowing customer to reprogram/reconfigure performance of monitor in the field without changing hardware
Ambient Brightness Sensors Not Supported GenStar III: Not Supported
GenStar IV: Yes
Select from standard or custom algorithm to automatically dim backlight based on sensor readings and ambient lighting conditions
Video Controller 750 ms (95th percentile) GenStar III: 750 ms (95th percentile)
GenStar IV: Custom BIOS will be developed to provide fastest switch time supported by video microprcessor
Expect to produce similar or improved switch time with custom lookup table
Remote Brightness Supported Supported Same
ICARUS Software Utility Windows 98 Support GenStar III: Windows 98 Support
GenStar IV: Replaced with .NET utility with new functionality
Multi-platform, Windows-compatible external utility program used to retrieve failure data stored in monitor’s nonvolatile memory; Can monitor and record to datalogger performance data from various embedded sensors in real time to troubleshoot; Significant recurring cost savings
Over Temp Soft Failure Supported Supported Intelligent algorithm will activate cooling fan and control speed to address any over-temp condition; If unable to correct, backlight brightness/power reduced continually until over-temp corrected, otherwise monitor shuts off to prevent critical failure
Ambient Brightness Sensors Not Supported GenStar III: Not Supported
GenStar IV: Supported on All Display Sizes
Select from standard or custom algorithm to automatically dim backlight, based on sensor readings and ambient lighting conditions
Feature Description GenStar II GenStar III / GenStar IV GenStar IV Advantages



  • Two Vibrant Display Choices
    • 19.0 inch, 1280 x 1024 resolution, ±85°/±80° H/V viewing angle
    • 21.3 inch, 1600 x 1200 resolution, ±89°/±89° H/V viewing angle
  • Optical/Protective Glass
    • Clear float
    • Vacuum deposited antireflective coatings
    • 72 gloss mechanical etch (to reduce glare)
    • Optically bonded to LCD (to minimize internal reflections and improve contrast in high ambient lighting conditions)
  • Sunlight Readable LED Backlights
    • Brightness range from 600 nits (to comply with STARS Statement of Work) to >1500 nits
    • Low power consumption, cost, footprint and cooling requirements
    • Long life expectancy (120,000 hours)
    • LEDs have low heat output so cooling fans seldom activated, resulting in noiseless operation—well below 55 dBA STARS requirement
  • LED Backlight Controller
    • Low cost and long life
    • Full featured; supports most features of IBC predecessor and new capability built in
    • Improved reliability and extended support
    • Remote brightness control interface, supporting lengths up to 160 feet
  • High Performance LCD Video Controller
    • Compatible with all STARS-approved video controllers & video modes/timings
    • Supports EIA-RS-343, separate, composite, Sync-on-Green video
    • Custom firmware to support 650 ms switch time between primary and secondary video sources
      • Ensures ATC operators can maintain airspace safety even after critical tower computer failure
  • Rugged, All-Metal Enclosure
    • Weighted specifically to match seismically certified STARS ceiling mounts, yokes and pedestal stands (weights can be removed if STARS requirements not necessary)
    • Front accessible, intuitive user control
    • Rounded corners to promote safety
    • Matte black finish to reduce reflections
  • Power Supply
    • Power factor corrected
    • Field repairable; accessible without opening enclosure or voiding warranty
  • Certifications
    • UL60950-1 (Safety)
    • EN 61000-4-2 (ESD)
    • FCC 47CFR Class A
  • Popular Options
    • Recording of failures in non-volatile memory
    • USB interface allowing firmware updates/changes in the field (replaces factory port)
    • Video controllers with support for:
      • HDMI
      • DVI
      • HD/SD Component
      • 3G/HD-SDI
      • SFP
      • DisplayPort
      • S-Video
      • NTSC
      • SFP

Inquire about more options, accessories and customization including panel mount enclosures.


Photo of LED backlights lit

General Digital displays incorporate the latest in LED backlight technology, while providing cool and efficient illumination. Available technologies include the following:



Utilizing the display manufacturer’s integrated OEM LED backlight system provides the most cost-effective solution, while providing adequate readability under all conditions. A maximum brightness of 900 nits at the LCD surface, and a dimming ratio of 100:1 from 1% to 100%, is achievable.



General Digital can replace the OEM LED backlight system with our custom-designed LED rails, using the latest in LED technology to provide an increase in luminance over the OEM system. Our backlight options provide a longer MTBF, and extended support is available for replacement parts. A maximum brightness of 1200 nits is achievable. When driven by General Digital’s LED controllers, a dimming ratio of >1000:1 is achievable, with a stable minimum brightness of ~1 nit.



General Digital replaces the OEM LED backlight system with our custom-designed direct backlight system that can increase the maximum brightness to 1900 nits. This system also allows for a filtered air wash system that cools the backlight and rear surface of the LCD, increasing the resistance of the LCD to solar loading. External filters need to be added to the monitor to prevent external airborne stimuli from being introduced into the backlight from the air wash. Our backlighting options provide a longer MTBF than the OEM backlights, and extended support is available for replacement parts. When driven by General Digital LED controllers, a dimming ratio of >1000:1 is achievable, with a stable minimum brightness of ~1 nit.



Although the OEM specification claims a 100:1 dimming ratio, General Digital backlights (both edge-lit and direct-lit), a dimming ratio of >1000:1 is achievable using our LED custom controller. Our testing has been able to achieve brightness as low as 0.4 nits.


Photo of GenStar

An added bonus of the current GenStar product line is the integration of General Digital’s suite of optical enhancements, which increase display contrast/clarity and reduce specular/diffuse reflections. Contrast improvements yield a deeper black background that makes data stand out in poor viewing conditions. Innovative use of light-diffusing technologies minimizes the adverse impact of glare and reflection.



Utilizing the display manufacturer’s integrated OEM antiglare coating eliminates reflections of objects that may otherwise detract from the information being displayed on screen. The GenStar can be equipped with an optically bonded glass overlay that has a mechanical etch of 72 gloss ±10 gloss points.



Utilizing special coatings, broadband destructive wave interference can reduce reflections by as much as 93% at 580 nm, rather than the simple obscuration of the antiglare treatment.



This includes a combination of both technologies, providing not just the physical elimination of reflection, but the obscuration of any remaining reflections.



General Digital uses standard float glass on the GenStar; however, we have a variety of contrast filter options available. Speak with a Sales Engineer for more information.



The typical GenStar configuration features an overlay that is directly adhered to the display. This improves both the optical performance and the durability of the assembly. General Digital’s proprietary bond formulation was specifically designed with the STARS program in mind. Using an optically clear adhesive that is index matched to the refraction of the display and the overlay, we are able to greatly reduce internal reflections and improve a display’s brightness, luminance and ability to withstand harsh environmental testing requirements.


Video controller PCB close-upInternal to our LCD monitor is an LCD controller that converts EIA-RS-343 compatible analog RGB color video signals into digital signals required to drive the display. The controller has been customized to support a combination of seven STARS-compliant controllers (TSI 1000, TSI 1100T, TS4000e-LR, RACD, RACD2, RACD3 and RACD4) on two host platforms (SPARC and x86 Processors), while maintaining the ability to switch between any two combinations in less than 650ms.

The controller provides intuitive operation of its controls and calibration through the use of a membrane pad and a series of on-screen menus. All models support the following display image controls: auto and manual setup, brightness, contrast, horizontal position, vertical position, tuning, size, individual RGB adjust, image expansion on/off, system information, run-time counter, and signal level. Advanced features are supported on a selective basis (image rotate and invert, audio controls, advanced scaling).

  • Compatible with all STARS-approved video controllers & video modes/timings
  • Supports EIA-RS-343, Separate, Composite and Sync-On-Green video
  • Custom firmware to support 650 ms switch time between primary and secondary video sources
    • Ensures ATC operators can maintain airspace safety even after critical tower computer failure


Both GenStar variants feature the following benefits:

  • Weighted specifically to match seismically-certified STARS ceiling mounts, yokes and pedestal stands
  • Field-replaceable cooling fans and power supply
  • Front accessible, intuitive to operate, user control
  • Matte black finish to reduce reflections

GenStar III

Rear view of GenStar II showing field-replaceable cooling fans and power supplyThe rugged aluminum enclosures of the GenStar III is designed to withstand the rigors of commercial, industrial, and military (COTS) environments alike. It is completely irridited to provide protection from corrosion and improve shielding properties, where parts make contact with one another. All external surfaces are finished with a durable black powder coat. The enclosure can be adapted to support alternate display sizes and resolutions.

GenStar IV

The GenStar IV enclosure had been intentionally designed to maintain the same height and width dimensions (17.00" x 19.50" ) as its predecessors, the GenStar II and GenStar III. The depth has been decreased from 6.5" to 4.5". The monitor also includes the same ¼-20 x 0.31" deep threaded mounting holes, in 4 places on the left and right sides, as the  GenStar II and GenStar III, making it backwards compatible with the STARS-approved pedestal mount, ceiling mount and articulating arm. In addition, General Digital’s Panel Mount (Console Mount) Adaptor Bracket (P/N 90-1204-012) is also compatible. Mechanically, the new monitor is a “drop-in” replacement for its predecessors.

Front Bezel

The front bezel is machined from a solid piece of ½" thick 5052-H32 aluminum to provide a stylish and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The corners are rounded to remove any sharp points and to ensure user safety. The corner radii are finished such that they precisely match the radius on the corners of the rear enclosure when the assembly is completed. The bezel is finished with a matte black powder coat finish to minimize reflections.

Display Cutout
The cutout for the LCD is chamfered at 45° to ensure that the panel can be viewed from extreme angles without obstruction.

User Access Panel
A second cutout is provided in the front bezel to provide access to the User Interface Display’s (UID) User Access Panel. The character-based display is covered by a piece of protective glass which can be configured with antiglare (AG) or antireflective (AR) or AR/AG treatments.

A 7-button keypad is accessible on the front bezel to navigate the User Access Panel, and can also be programmed to function as “hot keys” to control dedicated functions such as Brightness Up/Down, Contrast Up/Down, or to manually activate/de-activate the UID.

Backlight Brightness Potentiometer
Users can control the brightness of the LED backlight by using the front-accessible potentiometer to control the brightness over a full range from fully off to 100% on. Brightness ranges and limits can be pre-programmed.

Status /Fault LEDs
Cutouts in the front bezel are provided for 3 tri-state LEDs that function as visual status and warning indicators for users. The LEDs are used to report operational status and faults for the power supply (Power Good, Invalid Power, No Power, etc.), video controller (e.g., Standby Mode), internal monitor temperature (Temp. Good, Over Temp., etc.) and fans (Fan Failure). Additional LEDs may be added as an option. The Status LEDs will function in the same manner as the GenStar II.

Ambient Light Sensors
A pair of light sensors are installed in the front bezel facing outward to sense the ambient light conditions. Feedback from these sensors is used by the intelligent OSD board to automatically control the backlight brightness when placed in the Auto mode. Two sensors are provided to minimize the potential of shadows or other obstructions providing false or inaccurate light readings. The ambient light sensors can be disabled so that the backlight brightness can only be controlled manually.

Power Button (Optional)
A DC power switch can be added to the front bezel. This switch will enable/disable DC power to the internal electronics at the power supply. It will not disconnect AC power. When the DC power is OFF, the power supply goes into Sleep mode.

The customer logo can be silkscreened on the front bezel, provided authorized artwork is provided to General Digital in advance. This option eliminates the need for the customer to contract and provide General Digital with decals or metal medallions. However, if these methods are still preferred, we can modify the bezel to mill a recess for the logo.

Rear Enclosure

The rear enclosure is constructed from 0.090" thick 5052-H32 aluminum. The corners are rounded to remove any sharp points and to ensure user safety. The corner radii are finished such that they precisely match the radius on the corners of the front bezel when the assembly is completed. The enclosure is finished with a matte black powder coat finish to minimize reflections.

Connector Panel
Unlike the prior versions of the GenStar, the  GenStar IV has the I/O connector panel installed in a downward facing recess in the rear enclosure. The interface connections for the video I/O, Remote Brightness control, and USB/Maintenance port are distributed on this panel. A summary is provided below. 

Analog Video Inputs
User selectable DE15 or 5 BNC

Analog Video Output
DE15 (allows daisy chaining of analog video to other monitors)

Digital Video Inputs
DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI

Remote Brightness Control
6-Pin Circular (same connector and pin out as GenStar II)

USB/Maintenance Port
This USB (virtual serial) is used to bootload the internal controller firmware, retrieve monitor status, remote control and download fault reports.

The modular, field-replaceable, power supply brick, its fuse and the optional AC Power ON/OFF switch are also located on the connector panel.

Power Supply
A modular, field-replaceable, fully enclosed power supply brick is also accessible from the connector panel. The power supply fuse is accessible from within the CORCOM filter. The power supply is secured within the rear enclosure by external captive hardware mounted to the power supply mounting bracket. A locking restraint for the power cord is also provided to ensure the AC power cord does not become accidentally detached.

On/Off Switch
A rocker switch is provided in the connector panel to activate and terminate the AC power.

Ground Lug
A ¼" ground lug, in accordance with FAA-STD-19E and FAA-G-2100H is located on the connector panel. Optionally, the ground stud can be upgraded to a larger (e.g., 10/32") lug.

Cooling Fan(s)
A field-replaceable, recessed cooling fan is located on the rear enclosure to exhaust hot air out of the enclosure cavity. Easy to install replacement fan assemblies will be available for purchase from General Digital. Cool air is drawn through the electronics from ventilation holes located in the lower rear section of the enclosure and connector panel area. Users must be careful not to obstruct the ventilation holes.


GenStar III

The GenStar III enclosure is designed to be used either as a portable display that can be carried from one location to another, or mounted using the supplied mounting holes located on the rear and sides of the enclosures. This facilitates the integration of standard or custom pedestals, yokes, cradles, or articulating arms. The monitors also accept all STARS-compliant ceiling mounts, yokes and gyroscopic desktop pedestal stands. The enclosures are specifically weighted and balanced so as to maintain the seismic certification when mounted to aforementioned STARS approved mounts. Speak with one of our Sales Engineers for the best mounting option for your application.

GenStar IV

Two types of mounting are provided on the rear enclosure assembly.  

VESA Mounting
A 100 mm x 100 mm VESA mounting pattern is provided on the rear enclosure to support a variety of industry standard and third-party mounting devices. Optionally, General Digital can add support for a 100 mm x 200 mm mounting pattern; however, this will require a redesign of the power supply enclosure to eliminate conflicts for the mounting studs.

Side Mounting
The monitor also includes the same ¼-20 x 0.31" deep threaded mounting holes, in 4 places on the left and right sides, as the GenStar II and GenStar III, making it backwards compatible with the STARS-approved pedestal mount, ceiling mount and articulating arm.  

Mounting Options

Panel Mount Adaptor
The GenStar IV is compatible with the GenStar II/III Panel Mount (Console Mount) Adaptor Bracket (P/N 90-1204-012). The adaptor mounts using the side mounting holes. 

Slat Wall Mount Adaptor
General Digital can design a slat wall adaptor bracket to attach to the GenStar IV using either of the two mounting options provided. General Digital would need to know the type of slat wall, the manufacturer and the distance that the monitor would be mounted from the wall. Third-party adaptors may also be available to attach to the VESA mount.


GenStar IV

The GenStar IV power supply is among the latest innovations to be introduced to General Digital’s Air Traffic Control TDM monitor, and further improves upon the earlier GenStar II/III designs.

The new power supply features a modular, field-replaceable, power factor-corrected, fully enclosed “brick” that slides in and out of the monitor on alignment rails. When installed, the power supply brick mates with a General Digital-designed circuit board responsible for conditioning, filtering and distributing the power to the other monitor electronic subassemblies. Circuitry on this PCB is responsible for making the power supply meet the inrush and harmonics requirements of FAA-G-2100H and FAA-STD-019E. The brick is mechanically secured in place with captive fasteners located on the power supply’s bezel/mounting bracket.

The supply is capable of running at 50° C without derating. Limits for voltage and current are pre-programmed by General Digital at the factory. In the event that these limits are exceeded, the power supply will automatically disconnect power from the monitor to prevent any critical harm from occurring to the electronics. In addition, a failure signal is sent to the intelligent OSD controller, which triggers a status LED on the front bezel to provide a visual indication of the failure to the user. In addition, the failure is saved in nonvolatile memory. A verbose description of the failure can also be retrieved real time from the Advanced Display Interface System (ADIS).

The supply also monitors other performance; such as the temperature of its critical components, the input and output voltage health, the operating current in use, and the health of the AC and DC power. All of this data is shared with the intelligent OSD controller to be further shared on the ADIS.

  • Modular, field-replaceable, fully contained, power supply brick
  • Universal input 85–264 VAC single phase 47–63 Hz
  • Power factor correction to 95% under full load
  • EMI filtered from AC harmonics
  • EMI shielded to meet FCC Class A
  • Inrush current limited to meet FAA-G-2100H
  • Temperature monitoring of critical components
  • Output current monitoring
  • Power health monitoring for both DC and AC
  • Captive thumb screws for ease of service and secure mounting
  • AC cable strain relief
  • Built-in fuse holder
  • Power switch
  • Operating temperature range of -40° to +85° C
  • Designed to meet FAA-G-2100H, FAA-STD-019E, UL60950, and FCC class A


A myriad of display enhancements and services are available, such as:

  • Photo of optical film being appliedProgrammable backlight/thermal controllers for optimal brightness/temperature conditions
  • Sunlight readable and/or NVIS LED backlights
  • Film laminations
  • Vandal shields
  • Touch screens
  • EMI/RFI filters
  • Close-up of stainless steel enclosure and waterproof connectorsAntireflective coatings/antiglare etching
  • Custom bezels and enclosures
  • Display heaters
  • Optical bonding
  • Rack mount keyboards and desktop keyboards with integrated pointing devices
  • Smart Card (CAC) readers
  • Video/serial/power cables
  • Fiber optics
  • Memory card readers/ports (Compact Flash, SD, USB)
  • Custom controls
  • Private labeling

Please consult a Sales Engineer to discuss your specific needs or ideas.


Photo of Air traffic control tower

We at General Digital are completely responsible for the design and construction of our products, allowing us to maintain nearly total control of their future. To that end, we gladly offer our engineering services to customers who require special customization of our devices to meet their commercial, industrial, marine or military requirements.

Our experience supporting Department of Defense programs has taught us the value of designing products with foresight so that they can be manufactured, serviced and upgraded for many years.

Though the market introduces new innovations and product upgrades at an alarming rate, our product management team knows the importance of proactive customer notification. Thus, we can offer product adaptation with similar or equivalent performance before designs become obsolete, thereby extending the product life cycle.

Please consult a Sales Engineer for additional details.

Below is an overview of a typical General Digital GenStar Series model number. Having a good understanding of the structure of our model numbers will help you configure your monitor.


Family Size/ Resolution Display Video Controller Keyboard Enclosure Overlay Power Supply
UB aab ccc(c) dd(d) ee ff gg hijj
The Family category defines the base configuration, where...
UB = GenStar

Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.



UB = GenStar Family
21U = Display Size [21.3"] and Resolution [UXGA, 1600 x 1200]
995 = Display Model: Value-add LED backlit sunlight readable LCD
117 = Video Controller Model
00 = No keyboard supplied with this configuration
01 = Enclosure Type: Standard 5-sided industrial enclosure with rounded corners
74 = Overlay Type: Clear float glass, antireflective one side, optically bonded to LCD
EA46 = Power Supply Type: Mounted to rear of enclosure, AC Input, Power Factor Corrected, 140 watts


The GenStar enclosure has been carefully designed to allow our design engineers to modify/customize the existing designs to accommodate a growing number of display size/resolution combinations. Customers greatly benefit since they can request from several LED backlit LCD choices for integration, available from our Genflective and Sunlight/High Brightness enhanced LCDs.

In the tables below are the display panels that we have integrated into GenStar monitors, or verified compatibility. We will add to this list as new display models are introduced to the market.

Please share your requirements with an Applications Engineer and they will consult with you to select the best panel for your application needs.

Sunlight Readable Displays
aab Size
Ratio [1]
H/V View
Angle [2]
(R/F ms)
19W 19.0" 994 1280 x 1024 Edge-Lit LED 1040 717:1
[3, 4]
±88°/±88° 5 -20°–70°
21U 21.3" 809 1600 x 1200 OEM Edge-Lit LED 900 1400:1 ±88°/±88° 20 0°–60°
21U 21.3" 995 1600 x 1200 Enhanced
Edge-Lit LED
>1510 >1100:1 ±88°/±88° 20 0°–60°
21U 21.3" 996 1600 x 1200 Enhanced
Backlit LED
>1500 >1100:1 ±88°/±88° 20 0°–60°

[1] Brightness and Contrast values reflect measurements obtained with a Minolta® CS100 photometer; these values are nominal and may vary.
[2] Contrast decreases as viewing angle increases from 0°.
[3] Contrast measurement taken with an unbonded neutral density filter. The actual contrast will increase in a bonded configuration.
[4] Per MIL-L-3009, Class 5 (Weber contrast ratio of 7.28:0) when configured with an optically bonded glass filter, antireflective coating on one side and 72 gloss etch on the other.


Model Number
(Up To)
117 1920 x 1200
@ 60 Hz
Component [1]
DVI Dual Link 1.4
Image Flip
Ethernet Control
121 1920 x 1200
@ 60 Hz
ARGB (x2)
HD Component
HD-SDI Daughter Board (Optional)
HD Component Video (Optional)

[1] Can be configured with HDMI or Component video plus DVI-D and VGA.


ff Description
01 Standard, 5-sided Industrial Enclosure with Rounded Corners, Aluminum, Black Matte Powder Coat

GenStar Series Enclosure

19.0" 17.00" x 19.50" x 6.50" 17.00" x 19.50" x 4.50"
21.3" 17.00" x 19.50" x 6.50" 17.00" x 19.50" x 4.50"



General Digital offers many overlays for the GenStar. Please consult a Sales Engineer for your particular needs.

gg Description
74 Clear Float Glass, 72 Gloss Etch, Antireflective Coating (One Side), Bonded to LCD [1]

[1] Default overlay for all GenStar models.


Input Voltage
Power Factor
EA25 External 90–132 &
180–264 Vac
+12 Vdc 47–63 Hz 140 Watts No
EA46 External 85–264 Vac +12 Vdc 47–63 Hz 140 Watts Yes

General Digital designs and manufactures scores of different monitor configurations each year, making the creation of technical documentation for each configuration impractical. We efficiently combine data into a select few documents, which answer most questions that customers typically ask. Please feel welcome to request any information not found here.


Utilities are available to all visitors, and can be used for a variety of LCD monitor applications.

User’s Manuals and Calibration & Setup Guides are available for customers only. 

Drivers are available for customers only.

If you have lost the password provided with your product, please contact us right away.




GenStar IV 19.0 Data Sheet

GenStar IV 21.3 Data Sheet

Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

The photos below represent a small sampling of General Digital’s standard and custom GenStar LCD products. They serve to illustrate the many display sizes and mechanical configurations we offer, as well as standard and custom design features, capabilities and options. Click the thumbnails to view full-size photos.


  • GenStar IV 21"

  • GenStar III 19"

  • GenStar II 20"

  • Options for All GenStar Models
  • Watch the videos below to learn more about technologies used in the GenStar monitors, and display services General Digital offers for most monitors, whether built by us or another manufacturer.

    GenStar IV – 360 Degree View (2:03)

    Get a look at the GenStar IV from every angle and the space-saving features it incorporates over its predecessors. The GenStar product line is designed and built specially for air traffic control towers and other navigation industries.


    GenStar IV – Daisy Chaining (0:35)

    By driving multiple GenStar IV monitors from a single source, they can be daisy chained, which reduces clutter and expense.


    GenStar IV – Removable Power Supply (0:44)

    The GenStar IV power supply is internal to the unit, making it 2 inches slimmer than previous models. And it's removable for in-the-field maintenance/replacement. It's also FAA-G-2100H compliant and capable of 50° C operation without derating.


    GenStar IV – Connector Panel (0:30)

    An quick look at the space-saving connector panel incorporated into the latest iteration of the GenStar, a sunlight readable monitor built for air traffic control towers and other navigation industries.


    GenStar IV – User Interface Display (0:52)

    The User Interface Display (UID) on the GenStar IV air traffic control tower monitor provides users with an intuitive means to configure performance, view status/faults and calibrate/control without having to block flight-critical data on the main display with an On-Screen Display (OSD).


    Industrial LED Backlight Architecture (2:38)

    The following animation demonstrates the value and benefit of using an industrial-grade LED backlight designed with series-parallel architecture rather than a pure series approach found in traditional commercial-grade backlights.


    Optical Characterization Services (2:16)

    Unlike your phone, a display’s position cannot easily be adjusted to increase readability in direct sunlight. General Digital’s Optical Characterization Services take the guesswork out of quantifying how your display will perform under sunlight conditions. The following video explains the process in detail.


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