Flip-Up LCD Monitors with Keyboard At A Glance

General Digital offers the latest in rugged flip-up LCD monitor and LCD keyboard/trackball technology. With service and technology second to none, we can help you determine which flip-up LCD product will fit your needs.

Browse our product families from the selections below. To help you narrow down your choice of a rugged flip-up LCD monitor/keyboard/trackball that will best fit your requirements, move your mouse pointer over the product family names for an image and brief description of each.

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Flip-up Flat Panel LCD Monitors with Integral Keyboard

SlimLine 1U™
SlimLine Lite II™
SlimLine Commercial
Tactical ThreeView™
Tactical TwoView™


Flip-Up LCD Monitor/Keyboard Solutions From General Digital

Flip-up displays with integral keyboard and pointing device have become quite popular in a variety of applications. Flip-up monitors from General Digital are made to “go to work.” If you’re looking for a rugged, widescreen LCD monitor that can live up to the qualifications of military-grade tests, you’ve come to the right place. Some environments just aren't made for the everyday consumer-grade flip-up monitor display with keyboard. Industrial workstations typically require a rugged flip-up monitor/keyboard, and typical displays and keyboards lack the ability to survive the wear and tear of military and industrial environments.

Flip-Up Monitor/Keyboard/Trackball Devices that Outclass the Competition

For companies that need a flip-up monitor and keyboard built to handle their industrial workload, monitors from General Digital are the answer. Our LCD monitors and computers have always provided longevity and durability to customers. As we continue our fourth decade providing flat panel products to the market, our monitors continue to best the competition with:

  • LCD displays range from 15 inch to 20 inch (ask about other sizes)
  • the configuration to include a rack mountable or standalone solution
  • rugged, all-metal construction
  • customer-driven design and configuration control
  • support for screen resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 pixels (scaled)
  • high performance LCD video controllers

Rack mountable LCD models from General Digital meet the standards of all users with durability, simplicity, adaptability, and affordability. We have several flip-up models ideal for military and commercial uses that require in-vehicle use due to light weight and convenient mobility. General Digital monitors operate on a single +12V and +24V regulated source, available for purchase directly from us or customer supplied.

Flip-Up Flat Screen Products with High Quality Video Ouput

Every rack mountable LCD monitor from General Digital comes enclosed with all metal panels. All of our monitors and flip mount kits are manufactured for performance where durability is at a premium. In comparison to other LCD monitors, the rugged enclosures on our products are designed to be used in harsh settings. For commercial, industrial and military applications, the durability our monitors provide to users is top of the line. In addition to manufacturing flip-up monitor / keyboard products for commercial, industrial and military applications, General Digital also highly values business partnerships with VARs and OEMs. Incorporating our monitors while simultaneously maintaining company identity on our products through our private labeling services can be a boost to your bottom line. Please contact one of our Sales Engineers at 800.952.2535 for additional information on these programs.

Product Options for You: Rack Mount Keyboards & Desktop Keyboards

We offer a variety of options and accessories to complement all of our LCD product lines, as well as customized solutions to fit your particular needs. A Sales Engineer can help you determine which accessories will fit your LCD monitor or system.

Choose from flip-up LCD monitors, rack mount keyboards, desktop keyboards and more; call 860.952.2535 or fill out the contact form for more information.

We offer our LCD/keyboard products in many display sizes and backlight options, keyboard styles and interfaces, as well as integrated peripherals such as DVD Drives / Blu-ray Drives and KVM switches.


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