Optical & Environmental Performance Characterizations of Displays

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Optical and Environmental Performance CharacteristicsOverview

Each LCD, OLED and Plasma display part number, without regard to manufacturer or size, has its own unique “personality” pertaining to optical performance. General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories understands this challenge and has successfully implemented test and characterization methods. This allows us to better understand the display’s capabilities and potential for improvement. We have on our premises an Optical Characterization Laboratory for obtaining photometrics on any given flat panel display.

  • Luminance
    Taking a reading in the darkroomIn our Optical Characterization Laboratory, General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories obtains brightness metrics of your display under dark room conditions and three different simulated daylight conditions. We then do an evaluation of the OEM films in the LCD, OLED or Plasma display and provide analysis on the best configuration based on your expected operating condition. We perform multiple iterations of backlight film modifications and submit the data to you, along with our analysis of what the metrics indicate.
  • Contrast
    In addition to our luminance measuring, General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories also provides you with empirical contrast ratios based on the multiple lighting conditions utilized in the luminance measuring process. This assists in the decision process of which configuration will best suit your application.
  • Temperature and Humidity Testing Available on Contract
    Testing a monitor in a thermal chamberIn response to the challenging needs of our diverse customer base, General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories provides on-site thermal and humidty testing and data logging services. Many customers find themselves faced with meeting strict military, industrial, or harsh environmental requirements. Some of these requirements include:
  • MIL-STD-810F (paragraphs 501.4, 502.4, 507.4)
  • ESS (Environmental Stress Screening)
  • Solar Loading (for use in direct sunlight)


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