NVIS Display Selection Guide

Certain operating environments for ruggedized systems call for the need to be unseen. This is where Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) come in. In simplest terms, these infrared-driven solutions allow operators to use their tactical equipment, without emitting significant light.…

Five Benefits of Working with US-Based Manufacturers

Over the last several decades, the commercial world has become smaller and smaller. While there are many contributing factors, trade policies and technological advances such as the Internet are considered the biggest ones. Regardless of the exact influences, they all…

Key Considerations when Sourcing a Sealed Monitor

For most monitor applications, a standard off-the-shelf unit gets the job done. But there are certain situations that require a sealed monitor to protect it from the elements. Uses vary from car washes, boats, grain silos, mining, to explosive and…

What are the True Costs of Saving when Purchasing Ruggedized Equipment?

Ruggedized electronics are found worldwide in many markets today: military, industrial, marine, mining and others. While they are all seeking the benefits of longevity and durability, each application tends to have its own set of requirements. Sometimes these specifications come…

USB Type C Connector

Improving Ruggedized System Performance with the Latest Connector Technology

Chances are, you’ve already come in contact with a USB-C connector.  You might be surprised to learn that they were originally developed in 2014, but have only recently gained substantial traction. These connectors are now used in the latest laptops,…

What does “Built to Meet MIL-STD” actually mean?

You can rest assured that just because a product might not be formally certified, if you bought it from General Digital, it’s gone through a rigorous, ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management process and can withstand the harshest environments on (or off) Earth.

Safety-Critical Software Cybersecurity: What You Need To Know

In safety-critical applications, cybersecurity vulnerabilities can have dire consequences.

Minimum Order Quantity Kits, Explained

We understand that many customers cannot afford an MOQ on their finished product, whether due to a lack of budget or a lack of immediate requirement for multiple units. In order to accommodate one-piece orders, we offer something called an “MOQ Kit,” which is composed of the bill of materials that require MOQ purchases.

SlimLine Lite II

Doing Business Made Easier with Configuration Bundles

Configuration Bundles streamline the ordering process to make it as quick and painless to buy from General Digital as possible.

The Impact of MIL-DTL-901E on Shock Requirements

With mounting global tensions, and advanced weaponry readily available to most rebel factions, components used in mission-critical and safety-critical conditions must be constructed to withstand high impact shock. MIL-S-901D, an 82-page document published in 1989, detailed the shock testing requirements…




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