Why You Want an Extended Warranty

General Digital’s ruggedized hardware solutions are built here in the United States with the highest-quality components and labor available. From workstations and display systems to keyboards, power supplies, and cables—you need to have confidence that your product is going to…

What are the True Costs of Saving when Purchasing Ruggedized Equipment?

Ruggedized electronics are found worldwide in many markets today: military, industrial, marine, mining and others. While they are all seeking the benefits of longevity and durability, each application tends to have its own set of requirements. Sometimes these specifications come…

The Next Generation of Video Control Technology for Ruggedized Systems

All computer systems rely on video controllers to process and deliver the signal that drives display. In some ways they go unnoticed, as they are often hidden inside the computer, suffering from “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome. But…

USB Type C Connector

Improving Ruggedized System Performance with the Latest Connector Technology

Chances are, you’ve already come in contact with a USB-C connector.  You might be surprised to learn that they were originally developed in 2014, but have only recently gained substantial traction. These connectors are now used in the latest laptops,…

What does “Built to Meet MIL-STD” actually mean?

You can rest assured that just because a product might not be formally certified, if you bought it from General Digital, it’s gone through a rigorous, ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management process and can withstand the harshest environments on (or off) Earth.

Minimum Order Quantity Kits, Explained

We understand that many customers cannot afford an MOQ on their finished product, whether due to a lack of budget or a lack of immediate requirement for multiple units. In order to accommodate one-piece orders, we offer something called an “MOQ Kit,” which is composed of the bill of materials that require MOQ purchases.

Confidence Testing

People count on our rugged display systems to withstand the pressures of the harshest environments on (or off) Earth. So how can you know that your rugged monitor will work in the field, without it being formally certified? We achieve this through a process called “Confidence Testing.”

SlimLine Lite II

Doing Business Made Easier with Configuration Bundles

Configuration Bundles streamline the ordering process to make it as quick and painless to buy from General Digital as possible.

Why Configuration Management & Revision Control Matters

It might sound easy to maintain equipment that was originally designed and developed before I was even born. However, as supply chains evolve and change over time, so does the availability of crucial aspects of the Bill of Materials for a particular part. We wouldn’t be able to continue building these legacy systems without a dedicated approach to Configuration Management & Revision Control.

Businesswoman looking through binoculars with vision of profits and losses

Six Simple Steps to Follow for Safety-Critical Product Development

You have an idea for a product that could potentially change the world. We give you six easy steps to bring a safety-critical product to market successfully.




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