How Independent Verification & Validation Uncovers the Unknown

We we think about air travel today, we often associate it with flight delays, long security lines, and uncomfortable seats. However, in the early days of aviation, flying was considered more luxurious. Perhaps the first plane to provide this type…

Why ChatGPT Isn’t Replacing Humans Anytime Soon

Even if it was capable of truly simulating a human—you would still need a human to guide the tool, meaning it won’t ever really replace workers, it will only ever empower them to perform even more efficiently by leveraging new technology. Just like we always have.


How Does a Display Actually Work?

Most of us spend more time than we should staring at a display. It’s a big part of our jobs, and our daily lives outside of work (you’re probably reading this on a display right now!). For those in safety-…

Four Examples of SiMD IV&V Gone Wrong

As medical devices grow more complex, so too does the software that drives them. While FDA medical device regulations are among the strictest in the world, devices can still get to market with hidden problems that have potential to cause great harm if not found quickly.


Do You Know These Facts About Display Usage in Travel?

Check out our infographic filled  with fascinating facts showing how the world of travel is led by display systems.

The Last Intervention is Numero Uno With Us!

You probably knew that General Digital builds some of the toughest flat panel LCD monitors available. It’s possible you even knew that our Optical Bonding Laboratories is “Clearly the Better Choice”. Maybe, just maybe, you knew that we’ve been providing…


NVIS Display Selection Guide

Certain operating environments for ruggedized systems call for the need to be unseen. This is where Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) come in. In simplest terms, these infrared-driven solutions allow operators to use their tactical equipment, without emitting significant light.…

Five Benefits of Working with US-Based Manufacturers

Over the last several decades, the commercial world has become smaller and smaller. While there are many contributing factors, trade policies and technological advances such as the Internet are considered the biggest ones. Regardless of the exact influences, they all…


How does MDR Rule 11 impact Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) Classification?

MDR came into effect this week. The ground did not shake. The Earth did not open up and swallow us whole. So…is that it? Is it over?

The Impact of MIL-DTL-901E on Shock Requirements

With mounting global tensions, and advanced weaponry readily available to most rebel factions, components used in mission-critical and safety-critical conditions must be constructed to withstand high impact shock. MIL-S-901D, an 82-page document published in 1989, detailed the shock testing requirements…




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